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Additional Information. The estimator uses the following formula devised by Pete Riegel: T 2 = T 1 x (D 2 / D 1) C. where: D 1 = distance you already raced T 1 = time for the known distance D 2 = distance you want to predict the time T 2 = predicted time for the new distance C = performance degradation coefficient. This formula was first published in the August 1977 issue of Runner's World Race Predictor Race predictor is a helpful tool for all the runners and athletes who want to develop their race results. Based on your previous running scores, our running time calculator will foresee the time for another run competition This running calculator tells you how fast you can run in another race, given you put in the needed training. By the way, the formula used by Riegel is the following: T2 = T1 * (D2 / D1) 1.06 Where: D1 = Distance previous race D2 = Distance next race T1 = Time run in previous race T2 = Predicted time for next race Just in case you needed to know..

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Treadmill Calculator Distance: Select Race Marathon Half Marathon 1 Mile 3k 5k 8k 10k 12k 15k 10 Miles 20k 25k 30k or Select Unit Meters Kilometers Mile

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  1. Type in the time or mark in the blank above, select the event or function from the drop down menu, and click convert. English distances for field events should always be expressed as feet dash..
  2. This simple race pace and finish time calculator uses your recent race results to give you a clear table of your predicted race time for other distances, such as 5km, 10km and half marathon. The calculator also shows your predicted race pace in kms and miles
  3. e how fast your pace should be if you have a certain finish time for a desired distance or race. For example, find out what pace you need to keep to run a 28-
  4. The Calculator Race Time predictions assume similar race conditions as the race performance entered into the Calculator. In other words, the surface (road, track, cross country, trail, etc.), terrain (flat, hilly, rolling, etc.) and environmental conditions (cool, dry, hot, humid, etc.) are assumed to be the same for the predictions to be most.
  5. Easy Pace. Variety: Easy pace running refers to warm-ups, cool-downs , recovery runs, recovery running within a workout and generally long runs. Intensity: Generally in the range of 59-74% of VO2max or 65-79% of your HRmax. In general, Easy running is running at a comfortable, conversational pace, which certainly may vary daily, depending on how you are feeling

Use this triathlon calculator to determine or experiment with your race time or target pace Input Race Time Distance Pick Distance 5 km 10 km 1/2 Marathon Marathon -- Metric -- 800 meters 1500 meters 1600 meters 2000 meters 3000 meters 3200 meters 4 km 6 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 30 km 50 km -- Imperial-- 880 yards 1 mile 1.5 miles 2 miles 3 miles 4 miles 5 miles 6 miles 10 miles 20 miles 30 miles 50 miles 100 mile The formula is T2 = T1 x (D2/D1) 1.06 where T1 is the given time, D1 is the given distance, D2 is the distance to predict a time for, and T2 is the calculated time for D2. It is adjusted for.. Running Pace Calculator Calculate your finish time for popular race distances (5k, 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon, Marathon) based on your expected pace. 3 min 4 min 5 min 6 min 7 min 8 min 9 min 10 min 11 min 12 min 13 min 14 min 15 min 16 min 17 min 18 min 19 min 20 min 21 min 22 min 23 min 24 min 25 min 26 min 27 min 28 min 29 min 30 mi

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The running calculator uses the distance and finish time of your most recent race to approximate your current level of fitness. Your fitness level is then converted to an equivalent 10K time, for easy comparison with other race results at different distances. The conversion is based on equivalent fitness, not equivalent pace The race finish calculator below lets you enter a finish time and distance of a previous race or training run and projects what your finish time and pace will be at a longer distance. This calculator is based on the well known fact that a runner's pace slows down at longer distances Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator. Provides time zone conversions taking into account Daylight Saving Time (DST), local time zone and accepts present, past, or future dates

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** By equivalent performance, we mean another run with the same age graded percent. Of course, training for a 100 meter dash is ridiculously different from training for a 100 mile race, so just because the calculator gives you an equivalent time doesn't mean you'll automatically be able to run it. You still have to train appropriately Calculator Use. Calculate speed, distance or time using the formula d = st, distance equals speed times time. The Speed Distance Time Calculator can solve for the unknown sdt value given two known values. Time can be entered or solved for in units of secondes (s), minutes (min), hours (hr), or hours and minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss) Select the distance, enter the athlete's time for that distance and then select the calculate button to obtain predicted times for the other distances. Calculations are based on Dick (1987) table of controls for 100/200m/400m athletes. The 100m and 200m are electronic timings, the other times are hand timings Race Time Loading.. 1/4 & 1/8 Mile Elapsed Time Calculator. This calculator estimates your 60 foot, eighth and quarter mile elapsed times and trap speed when given the weight of the car and flywheel or wheel horsepower

Race Results Prediction Choose a distance and a time to calculate theoretical race results at different distances. The body can not sustain the same level of effort over a long run that it can over a shorter run. For most people, the running pace decreases by 4-5% as the distance in a race doubles To convert a Mile time (i.e. 1609m) to a 1500m, the difference is the pace for 109 meters. There is really no set formula because the pace is so varied. More on Track Conversions Here are some famous Track and Field theoretical conversions: 800m = double your 400 meter time and add 10 seconds 400m = double your 200 meter time and add 3.5 second Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towing TCI Racing Calculators JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser The Quarter Mile Drag Racing Calculator is a convenient, fast, and easy way to calculate the quarter mile ET (elapsed time) and HP (horsepower) in the quarter mile drag race. All horsepower in the calculator is measured at the flywheel. The car manufacturers use this number because it is 15-20% percent higher than the horsepower at the wheels

T2 is the predicted time and D2 is the distance for prediction. T1 is a known time for the distance D1. So in this calculator the D1 is the distance you choose and T1 is the time you set to the fields. T2 is calculated for various distances D2. This formula is widely used to predict race times. Try it out with the race time calculator above This approach is different from what you'll find on other race time predictor tools, most of which use an equation published by Peter Riegel in 1981: T 2 = T 1 x (D 2 /D 1) 1.06 where T 1 and D 1 are your finish time and distance in a recent race, and T 2 and D 2 are your predicted time and distance in an upcoming race. The equation is simple. By entering a known (recent) race time, you can predict the equivalent race time at another distance. This uses two different formulas, and shows both results as an interval: Peter Riegel's model from Runner's World in 1977. It is only recommended for races lasting between 3:30 minutes to 3:50 hours Finish time calculator. Calculate when a race participant will finish a race based on how far he or she has already run. Just enter where the participant is right now in the race. Type the distance and time you want to convert in the text box, to see the results in the table Pace Calculator. Calculate your running pace for common race distances such as 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon, or enter your own distance. Enter Your Total Run Time Hours Minutes Seconds. Choose a Race 5K 10K Half Marathon Marathon Other. Enter Your Run Distance Distance Kilometers Miles Meters Yards

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Racing calculators for determining horsepower, ET, MPH, converter slip, engine displacement and more Lap Speed Calculator. Size of Race Track in Decimal Form Such as .33 for 1/3 Mile: Lap Time in Seconds = Average Lap Speed: Mile: Seconds: MPH : Return to Racing Information Tools.

TriCalc3 - The Triathlon Calculator This free online tool will calculate swim pace, bike speed and running pace. It also converts from miles to kilometers, yards to meters, mph to km/hr and min/km to min/mile Age Grading: how it works Age grading uses tables of age factors and age standards to put all runners, regardless of age and sex on a level playing field. In particular, they allow runners' performances, no matter what their age, to be corrected to what they would have been achieving in their prime years, and permit valid comparisons to be made between people of different ages Our quarter mile calculator provides the elapsed time (seconds) and trap speed (mph) based on the flywheel horsepower and weight of the vehicle. For the 60 foot, 330 foot and 660 foot incremental as well use our quarter mile calculator with incremental When you click Calculate time, the calculator will show you your finish time. Ten kilometers at a 7 min/km pace would take you 1 hour and 10 minutes. Real life vs. the running pace calculator. When using the running pace calculator, keep in mind that running isn't mathematics

This calculator will generate training paces, race prediction, with adjustments for temperature, body weight and altitude. This calculator works by estimating your V̇O 2 max and using that to predict your race times and training paces. To find out your V̇O 2 max and associated paces, you will need the results of a recent race into the form below.. You may have several race results that. Triathlon Calculators provides tools for calculating your race pace. Triathlon Pace Calculator. Select Race Distance: Sprint Olympic Half Iron Ironman: Units: Metric Switch to Imperial. Distance; Swim Bike Run (m) (km) (km s) Select Paces: Pace Swim Transition 1 Bike Transition 2 Run (m:s/100 m) (km /h) (time/ km) Race

Track: The Track Time Converter uses the conversion supplied by the USTFCCCA* to estimate your performance in events related to events you have already completed. Convert between Metric and Imperial Units as well events that are similar in Distance. Use to compare PRs, to size up the competition or judge performance in races and interval practices VO2 max runners calculator - how to use it? Let's go through the example to see how properly use the calculator: First, enter your recent race distance; For calculations, we assume run distance = 10 km 2. Then, fill in the recent race time. Not bad, run time = 48 min 12 sec 3. Now you can see your estimated V02 levels:. VO2 max = 41.77 ml / kg / mi Treadmill Calculator; MPH Mile Pace. Enter Your MPH: *These calculators were created based on data from CTM Davies (1980-1), referencing that every 1% gradient increase represents an extra 2.6 ml/kg/min or roughly speed reduction of 0.65 km/mi The calculator will calculate the speed in most used units. Speed is calculated by dividing running distance with used time. Calculator calculates speed always to m/s and converts it to other units using following conversions: km/h = 3.6 * m/s; mph = 2.23694 * m/s; ft/s = 3.28084 * m/s; The calculator also calculates running pace 150m to 600m time Predictions. Based on time for one of the following distances - 150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m or 600m - it is possible to predict a time (not a guaranteed time) for the other distances. The algorithms used in this prediction process are based on Dick (1987)

Then we take the position to find the equivalent time and pace for a runner in the requested age-group and gender. The data used for the calculator are actual race results (empirical data), as opposed to theoretical formulas. This ensures that the results are accurate across a wide range of runners Calculate your pace or estimate your finish time. English units (miles, yds) Metric (meters Eigth Mile to Quarter Mile Conversion Wallace Racing BACK to Calculators. 1/8th to 1/4 to 1/8th Calculator: This calculator is mainly for Naturally Aspirated runs (Power Adder runs are not as consistent) Enter your 1/8th Mile ET Or 1/4 Mile ET of your car. 1/8th Mile ET: 1/4 Mile ET Drag Racing Calculators,Calculators to find 1/4 mile ET and MPH, CID,Piston Speed,gear ratio,carburetor size,margin of victory,Engine calculator, Calculates relative horsepower, air density, density altitude, virtual temperature, actual air pressure, vapor pressure and dyno correction factor and more

Marathon Time Conversion This tool compares marathons and converts times using data for what you would expect on a typical race day. For example, use this tool to see how much faster or slower you would expect to run if the weather was normal for race day and run on the current year's course Running pace conversion chart - how to convert min/km to min/miles on the treadmill From min/km to min/mile, what pace to run for what time in 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon By Ben Hobso No matter your age, sex, size or skill level, this calculator can estimate how fast you'd run 26.2 miles based on your training regimen and your performance in just one recent race (or two, if you want a more fine-tuned assessment). Have a marathon coming up? Your predicted time can help you pace yourself so you don't bonk. Read more

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  1. Nearly 2,500 Slate readers answered the call, providing real-world race data to help Vickers and his colleagues build a better calculator. We ended up with results from 929 marathons, 1,446 half.
  2. The formula gives the race time in ideal conditions, so a fast track without differences in altitude and without any wind. If you also want to know how much slower you run in non-ideal conditions (such as hills, wind or forest trails), things become a bit more complicated and you will have to use our calculator or our spreadsheet with the.
  3. d, it can also be used for road races, cycling races, swim races, etc. Simply enter your goal time, race distance, and the your desired distance for splits
  4. How to Use this Calculator. Enter a pair of values (distance / 500m split / cumulative time), and click the relevant calculate button to return the third value and watts. Example: Enter values in the distance (2000) and 500m split (1:50) fields, and click Calculate time to return your time (7:20). Formulas Used. distance = (time/split) * 50
  5. Bet £10 on any race at Punchestown, between Tuesday 27th April - Saturday 1st May — Get £60 in racing free bets. Only deposits via cards or Apple Pay will qualify. Free bets will be awarded after the qualifying bet has been settled. T&Cs apply. Paddy's Rewards Club: Get a £10 free bet when you place 5x bets of £10+. T&Cs apply
  6. About Speed Distance Time Calculator. This online calculator tool can be a great help for calculating time basing on such physical concepts as speed and distance. Therefore, in order to calculate the time, both distance and speed parameters must be entered. For the speed, you need to enter its value and select speed unit by using the scroll down menu in the calculator
  7. utes:seconds): : : Display my training paces in: Your easy run training pace is: Your tempo run training pace is: Your VO2-max training pace is: Your speed form training pace is: Your long run training pace is:.

ATI Treemaster Racing Torque Converters are custom designed for footbrake and transbrake drag racing. ATI builds racing torque converters using all new components, unlike other torque converter suppliers that use refurbished OEM parts. Our converter customers have broken records and won numerous events and championships in NHRA, IHRA & NMCA drag racing and are the choice of top drag racers. Play Giraffe Race Time Conversion Now! on Hooda Math. Cool Games are Always Free on HoodaMath.com & To Support Student Learning During COVID-19, Hooda Math has removed ads from Timed Tests, Manipulatives, Tutorials, and Movies until January 1, 2021. Also, our ipad and iphone apps are now Free. Enjoy playing our math games for free indefinitely This calculator can help you determine the age and sex equivalent times for your time. Use this as you get older to compare your times to your earlier PRs and/or use these to create a handicap for an older friend or relative The torque converter had entirely too high of a stall speed, and it wasn't allowing the Red Dragon to reach its full potential with our goals, so it was time for a change. After doing some research, we found the ATI StreetMaster torque converter with a single disk lock-up, and it fit the bill perfectly, so we made the call to pick one up

Race Time Predictor; BMI Calculator; Calories Estimator; VO2 Max Estimator. Your body derives energy it needs by oxidizing the food you eat. You need more energy when you are exercising, thus you breathe faster to take in more oxygen. Running is primarily an aerobic sport. How. Excel will show the time in the formula bar as 12:09:03 AM, but will record the time properly as a decimal value. Internally, Excel tracks times as decimal numbers, where 1 hour = 1/24, 1 minute = 1/(24*60), and 1 second = 1/(24*60*60). How Excel displays time depends on what number format is applied. Use a suitable time forma You can use this quarter mile calculator to determine the terminal speed (trap speed) and quarter-mile elapsed time (ET) of a vehicle based on its weight and power. How to use the quarter mile calculator: 1. Choose which unit system of measurement you need from the drop-down menu; 2

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Swimming Time Converter Calculator Use this Calculator to calculate your time switching between yards and meters. This is useful when you need to compare times across pools of different measurement units such as indoor and outdoor pools. The Short course Indoor pool is 25yards where as long course outdoor in 50 meters With the New Age of Blowers, Turbo Charged and multiple shots of Nitrous, the choice of a spragless racing converter becomes increasingly clear. The higher the HP, the higher the probability that a sprag will fail. More importantly, it is now clear that a sprag has no influence on the stall speed of the converter For example we have a time data in Cell A1, such as 11:10:03 AM. Normally we can convert the time to seconds with applying formula =A1*86400 (or convert to minutes with formula =A1*1440, or convert to hours with formula =A1*24), and then format the formula cell as General or Number

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Race Time Calculator. Run time calculator. Compute time, distance or speed in different units, for sports results or such. First select with , if you want to calculate time, distance or speed. Give values for the other two and the units for distance and speed. The time can ge given like 1 minute 10 seconds or like 70 seconds, the output is. Pace Conversion - Convert between minutes per mile or kilometer and miles or kilometers per hour. Pace Calculator - Calculate the pace per mile, per kilometer, or per 400 meters for a run you have completed or for a goal race. Race Conversion - Predict your performance at one distance, based on a time from another distance Calculator Instructions. For best results, start with a recent race time. Using an old race time tells you what you could have run for other distances at the time of the race, but not necessarily what you could run now. Training Paces: Recovery - Very easy running, done whenever you are tired or sore, like the day after a race or hard workout Enter a race distance and a race pace, then hit the Time button to calculate a finish time. Enter a race distance and a finish time, then hit the Pace button to calculate a race pace. Note: You must have JavaScript enabled to use the pace calculator

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Pace Calculator Your Finish Time: Hours: Minutes: Seconds: Race Distance: --- 1500m 1M 3000m 2M 3M 5k 4M 8k 5M 6M 10k 12k 15k 10M Metric Marathon Half Marathon 20M Marathon 30M 50k 50M 100k 100M - OR - Miles k Race Time Predictor Chart: 5k . 8k. 5 mile . 10k . 15k . 10mile . 20k . 1/2 . Marathon . Marathon : 14:32 . 23:53 . 30:13 . 46:19 . 49:53 . 1:02:48 . 1:06:28 . 2:20:1

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If you are interested in knowing the quarter-mile elapsed time of your car, then you will appreciate the ease and accuracy of Calculator Pro's 1/4 Mile Calculator. This free, online calculator uses a few simple statistics about your car and computes the quarter-mile elapsed time of your car based upon your car's weight and wheel horsepower 1 / 4 Mile ET Calculator. Given below is the 1 / 4 mile elapsed time calculator to calculate 1 / 4 mile ET from horsepower. 1/4 mile or quarter mile is a drag race, a type of motor racing in which the vehicle compete to be first to cross a finish line Use our Half Marathon Pace Calculator to calculate your average running speed per mile for the half marathon distance. Enter Your Total Run Time Hours Minutes Seconds. Race Distance. Half Marathon: 13.1 Miles To predict your timing (T2) for a race of distance D2, the following formula is used: T2 = T1 * ((D2/D1)^1.06) where T1 and D1 are the time and distance, respectively, of your timed run. This formula was proposed by Pete Riegel, and published in Runner's World by Owen Anderson in 1997

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You can use the Swimming expectations calculator to calculate race expectation times on other distances based on given time over a given distance. These calcs are done based on work by Peter Riegel Swimming Time Converter Calculator Use this Calculator to calculate your time switching between yards and meters Lap Calculator Duration of the race: Available formats: Minutes: 0 - 1440; 0:00 - 24:00 - hours and minutes; 0:00:00 - 24:00:00 - hours, minutes and seconds (hrs:)min(:sec) Required: Race time and Average lap time or manual input. Total Time: Required: Race time and Average lap time or Total laps. Calculate total time. Fuel Calculato How to Use this Calculator Enter a pair of values (distance / 500m split / cumulative time), and click the relevant calculate button to return the third value and watts. Example: Enter values in the distance (2000) and 500m split (1:50) fields, and click Calculate time to return your time (7:20)

Converting Doha Time to EST. This time zone converter lets you visually and very quickly convert Doha, Qatar time to EST and vice-versa. Simply mouse over the colored hour-tiles and glance at the hours selected by the column... and done! EST is known as Eastern Standard Time. EST is 7 hours behind Doha, Qatar time Simply enter your race distance at the top, your time and click the blue calculate button. Then click on the 'equivalent' tab and it will give you a list of times it thinks you can run races at given your latest effort. Everything matches up pretty closely for me http://www.racingconverters.com/ Learn from Neal Chance Racing Converters Marty Chance how the different aspects of your race car are understood to help tune.. Race Reports#8224e3 UPDATED - Endurance Events Cancelled or Postponed in the US Due to Coronavirus Intermountain Healthcare BRINEMAN 2019 Sprint, Oly, & Half

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For the experienced, fast runner, the pace calculator is helpful to set a target time and pace for a future race and run in the fastest time. What is running pace Running pace is the amount of time in which you run 1 mi or km. Pace indicates how much time the runner spends covering the distance Use the 0-60 MPH Time Calculator to calculate the theoretical 0-60 Time for a given application. Top speeds are either gear limited or drag limited. Use the Gear Ratio Speed Calculator to determine which is the case for your particular scenario. Use the horsepower calculator to find out how much horse power a car would require to run at a given. This 1/4 mile calculator uses the rear wheel horsepower instead of flywheel horsepower to determine the times and speed of the run. variable description rear wheel horsepower horsepower available at the rear wheels weight total ready to run weight of vehicle including driver elapsed time (ET) time to run the full length of the quarter quarter mile calculator from rear wheel horsepower Read.

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In this video I'll demonstrate the use of a simple race time multiplier and laps calculator to run sim races spanning many in game hours over a predetermined.. 5k Race Plan *Note: Remember to enter time as h:mm:ss. So, a 23 minute 5k time would look like: 0:23:00 Warm-up for a 5k You should arrive at the race about 60 minutes (or more) prior to the start time. This will allow you to settle down, find the bathrooms and get in a good [ A half-marathon pace calculator that allows adjustment for fade splits for 21.1km splits for 26.2 miles splits for 42.2km ENTER TARGET RACE TIME. Hours: Minutes: Allow fade of: seconds per mile per cent from: miles: Overall pace: Pre-fade pace: Post-fade pace: 1 mile: 2 miles: 3 miles:. 1/8-MILE TO 1/4-MILE CONVERSION TABLE 1.56 conversion factor; NHRA uses 1.6. Naturally every vehicle's RATE of acceleration differs; a specific 1/8-mile time does not guarantee a chart-matching 1/4-mile time Below is my R program code for comparing expected race times by different strategies in clean air. This program calculates the fastest race time for each strategy options assuming no traffic on track. The program calculates expected total race time for every feasible strategy up to three pit stops. Neither fuel weight effect on la #18: Check the course before race day #19: Arrive at the race a few days early #2: Let the others do the pacing in the swim #20: Pee on the bike #21: Pee on the run #22: Self-seed aggressively (but honestly) #23: Use a power meter #24: Do a post-mortem after your race #25: Get sweat and sodium tested #26: Train in the right race condition

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