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Exploit: Get a job, Buy a stand or 2. Save, exit game. log off xbox live. infact dont plug into your ethernet / disconnect wireless. set system clock to the year 2025. start fable 2. start your.. Find a place where you cant be hit by any attacks, cast Multi-Arrow, pull back on the bow and hold it for 2-3 minutes. Once you have a sufficient wait time built up, pop out and let loose your uber..

Easy XP Purchase an Experience Potion from a vendor at either Browerstone or Westcliff, then find some enemies to battle. Normally when you dispatch the enemies and absorb their Orbs, you will get a message at the top stating Excellent Fight! 150% XP, or something similar Now, I don't know of a way to get lots of Strength XP, but Will and Skill are easy. Will: Get the Summon spell. Once you have a high CM, spam the Summon button. It only uses a small amount of Mana but gives a good amount of XP. As long as you have lots of Will potions you can gain a lot of XP this way

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 2 Controllers About 20 minutes of free time There is an extremely easy way to max out all of your stats in Fable 2 VERY quickly. NOTE: Some might find the game too easy after. If you have AMAZON PRIME, you can subscribe to my Twitch channel FOR FREE! 1. Log in to https://www.twitch.tv/prime2. Link your twitch account on the le.. An easy way to increase your xp is to buy one xp potion for whatever type you want. You then use it and open the menu screen before the xp bubbles appear. If timed correctly the bubbles will still form but you still have the potion left Today I bring you a fully working infinite XP glitch for Fable 2. HELP ME GET TO 5K SUBSCRIBERS: https://goo.gl/gT1s5RDon't forgot to click that notification.. aBigHairyBeast2 showing how to double if not triple the experience you get from potion

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There is an extremely easy way to max out all of your stats in Fable 2 (Xbox 360) very quickly. You will need: 2 Xbox 360 controllers; 20 minute 1 Fable/Fable: TLC/Fable Anniversary Methods 1.1 Trophy method 1.2 Money Making Guide 1.3 Fable and Fable TLC: All the methods for making easy gold 1.4 Fable Shop Exploit #2 (TLC) 1.5 Arena Exploit 1.6 Hook Coast 1.7 Diamonds from Bowerstone North to Oakvale 2 Fable II Methods 2.1 Economy and Getting Started 2.2 Shop Exploit 2.3 Trophy Method 2.4 The Weapons Dealer 2.5 Old Town Discount 2.6.

XP Potions are potions that give you experience points but nothing else in Fable II. They occasionally turn up in dig spots, dive spots and chests and can be purchased from potion traders when available. Potion in Motion in Bowerstone Market stocks the 1 and 2 star potions occasionally near the beginning of the game, and as the economy of the area improves, the higher rated potions become. if you've beaten the game, go to the bowerstone alchemist dude and buy the potions that give 62500xp each. get a couple of em, go to the crucible and dont take any xp for any of the waves for a lvl and right when you kill all the waves, use ur potions and take in all the xp. if you got a good multiplier, you'll get tons of xp 6. Fable II PC Crack. Some sites offer the cracked version of the Xbox game Fable II so you can install and play directly on your PC. All you have to do is search the internet for the cracked version of the game on PC. 7. RG Games Repack Torrent. This fix is not accurately trusted but it can help you play Fable II on your PC I discovered this exploit in Bowerstone Quay right after defeating the Wasp Menace. I believe this exploit should be possible at any point in the game as lon..

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  1. In Fable II, augmentations are mystical stones that can bind with weapons. They provide a benefit to the Hero when using the augmented weapon. Some may increase the amount of damage dealt, gold or experience gained from kills, or make the Hero more attractive. Some augments also have drawbacks, such as reduced health or damage. They can be put on any weapon that has an open augment slot. Once.
  2. More Fable II Cheats and Tips. Repeat this instantely for easy XP. I hope this helps you all. Comments. 3 1 . Gender Change. To change your gender in Fable 2 you need to buy castle Fairfax and complete the quest and the creepy anouncer guy at the end of the cave will guide you the rest of they way
  3. Fable II Cheats. This is role-playing in the child's sense: dress up and pretend. Despite the long load times and clunky inventory screens you can be who you want and have a rollicking good adventure
  4. How To: Clone Legendary Weapons in Fable 3 for sale and trade How To: Do the out of map glitch in Hitman: Blood Money How To: Use a mod to get unlimited money in Test Drive Unlimited 2 for XBox 360 How To: Get infinite XP and Money in Dragon Age 2 with a glitc
  5. Fable II is the highly-anticipated sequel to the wildly successful original that sold more than three million copies, offering even more choices and building on the core gameplay theme of Fable, where your every decision continually defines who you become. Set 500 years after the original, Fable II delivers an epic story and innovative real-time gameplay, including a massive amount of freedom.
  6. Grinding through the colosseum is some of the most fun the player can have in Fable II. Whether it be testing your shiny new weapons or grinding out precious XP points to upgrade your character, the colosseum yields hours of unfettered fun. Upon scoring 15,000 points, the Royal Sceptre will be granted to the hero
  7. These simple cheats for the Fable II game for XBOX 360 shows how to get easy experiences and easy money in the game. Included in the article is also some easter eggs present in different levels in the Fable 2 game. The experience you gained will be returned to the XP Pool. Quit the co-op game, and you will notice a glitch or something.

Fable II cuts back on this (we counted ten or so serious moral choices), opting for a fluid flow of reputation - every action performed in front of human eyes is judged (stats literally pour out of.. Fable uses a system of supply and demand along with a set price (What I will refer to as the fair price.) to determine the cost of anything you are buying in the game. So, the less a trader has of an item, the more it'll cost; the more a trader has of that item, the less it'll cost. It is an easy game to win and does no take long to.

XP appears as glowing orbs that burst from enemies. absorb XP orbs by holding x. There are four different kinds of XP, represented by four different colours. Green is general XP, while the other three colours signify the three combat disciplines. If you favour hand-to-hand combat, you'll tend to get more strength XP (blue), thus allowin In Fable 2 you could do what you are describing because you got the income every 5 minutes whether you were playing or not but with Fable 3 they obviously didn't like people doing that so you only get income every 5 minutes that you are playing. So what you can do is just leave your Xbox on for ages but just be careful that it doesn't overheat Fable II Guide - Experience Tips Earning experience in Fable II. The Crucible is by far the best way to earn experience in Fable II. Once you pick up a legendary weapon you can continue to play through it as many times as you want to get more and more experience 5. easy Xp-Purchase an Experience Potion from a vendor at either Browerstone or Westcliff, then find some enemies to battle. Normally when you dispatch the enemies and absorb their Orbs, you will get a message at the top stating Excellent Fight! 150% XP, or something similar

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As most RPG fans know, there are 3 main types of leveling systems in RPGs. There is the extremely confusing and complex Elder Scrolls system, which forces you to level your stats to planned. Ahaha, I used to do this, but for the evil points, not the xp. He deserves it, but you do start to feel like a psychopath after a while. An easier way to farm xp early on is the hobbe cave. Run into the first area, clear it out enter the cave at the end, kill the hobbes there and go back to the first part Easy xp, gems, and reknown. I got to x80 in the first Fable, but when I started a game in Fable: The Lost Chapters I only went to x40 (mainly because I delayed after taking a break and the guy. Fable II cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360. so buy a steel longsword and a couple of xp potions, maybe a rifle, some clothes from the tailors, some dyes.

It's easy to get Skorm's Bow near the game's beginning. I generally do this before the Wasp Quest. 1)Be neutral or better, just not evil in alighnment. 2)Make sure you've been to Oakvale and. This is probably the fastest way i got easy money in Fable. Go do the quest to lead the traders out of darkwood. Then get to Oakvale and use the money earned and buy as many perfumes as you can. The way to get easy general xp is to beat the lychfield graveyard quest and get to clifside path where there is infinite undead that will respawn. In the bandit camp in Fable: The Lost. The building to the left of the Skill Training map in your Fable Book (the one that comes with the game)there is a person that asks you to find 4 apples just walk around all the grass and look for.

Fable II was good, but far to easy and short, and as mentioned had a few annoying parts. Classic style (just like fables 1 & 2, where you get xp) and this new style. i Eat Kittenzx Weapons is an easy way to make lots of gold early in fable 2--legitimately--by buying low and selling high. 15:11 Fable 2 Xbox One - MONEY AND XP Glitch 100% working 2 Pcs Kitchen Rugs and Mats Set Fable Floral Soft Flanne Non Slip Kitchen Mats and Rugs for Kitchen, Floor Home, Office, Sink, Laundry $29.98 $ 29 . 98 $6.99 shippin

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Fable for Xbox.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click. How to completely max out your skills and become forever young (in under 2 hours) As you all know, it's no fun to be old in Fable. If you want to hold on to your youth and max out all of you skills very early in the game this method is probably the best. Also, it only takes 1.5 to 2 hours of repetitive killing so its the fastest I know of The first Fable is a fairly decent lighthearted action-RPG. It has some charm and interesting world simulation elements few other games do. On the other hand its combat and enemy diversity are kinda poor, it has really clunky menus/inventory/etc., and its world is very limited and linear, with little to no real exploration other than a few side paths Once the game loaded, you can exit the game without playing it and he will give you the items you won from your Fable 2 pub games. By doing this cheat I got my character 200,000 easy gold in 20 minutes and won a nice augmented pistol that has double shooting range and faster loading speed comparing to an expensive steel blunderbuss I bought in.

I log off the game. Go play Fable 2 arcade pub games. Do not install any update for Fable 2 pub game either. At character selection screen, select your hero's name. Then play the Fortune Tower game. There is a glitch to win alot of money while betting at minimum amount Upon using a potion (or food) that grants experience (of any kind), immediately pause the game. This causes the game to fail to realize that the pot.., Fable II Xbox 36 Fable II I´ve finished my first playthrough of Fable 2 and played several hours as a henchman for a friend and I really dont know where to being writing about this game. I know I have to after being so hyped about it for so long but there is nowhere to begin and nowhere to end when writing about this one Is it worth buying Fable 2 again if you have already sold it? If you have already sold your copy of the game due to completion or boredom, I doubt you will find this new addon worthwhile. The island's three quests are pretty short, amounting to only a couple of hours gameplay. How easy are the achievements? Very easy Probably the most enjoyable part of Fable II was the combat. It was very simple, as each of the 3 types of combat were assigned to a single button. However, this did not sacrifice depth in any way. It was very easy to get the hang of combat, and while leveling up I was able to learn new abilities that could use to make combat even more exciting

The xp in fable 2 = extremely easy to understand.. unless there are mentally challenged people playing i don't understand how you can't figure it out. The idea of getting xp for helping people. Fable 2 is easy to control, whilst the main character's movement can feel a little 'floaty' - the combat is solidly done enough and it's possible for a complete stranger to video games, especially a 'combat' heavy rpg like Fable 2, to pick up a controller and press the face buttons to perform their moves Having the dog play a larger role in your journey - along the lines of Fable 2's faithful canine, or Dogmeat from Fallout 4 - would make it feel like a more integral part of the gameplay, rather. Presenting the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Fable 3 at Microsoft's X10 event in San Francisco, Peter Molyneux has revealed that the game will not have any health bar or XP system. Instead, player.

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With the February 4th release of Fable Anniversary just around the corner, we here at Xbox Wire figured this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of our favorite memories from Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. This week, we'll reveal some of our favorite remastered weapons from the game. Nearly all of them fall into the Legendary Weapon category, as that. Of the 51 Legendary weapons available in Fable 3, 26 can be obtained through playing solo; 12 from treasure chests, 12 from shops, and 2 as rewards for completing quests. The other 25 are randomly generated; thus, you will have to start a new game to find them all or trade weapons with or visit shops in other players' kingdoms through Xbox Live This Fable Anniversary money cheat for easy gold will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of a glitch in the Xbox 360 action-RPG game. Keep in mind that taking advantage of a glitch is not what the developers intended, and once you make easy and fast cash via a cheat, your.. Only be aware that this is much better than fable 3... Aim on completing 100% achievments. Also be aware game can be broken if you know the trick, & you can get easy infinite money... will you use it or nop... For more xp gain, you can choose to leave the arena quest before to complete it, in order to chain the arena & gain lots of xp

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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Fable III for Xbox 360.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Here are the steps to take for the money cheat: Step 1: Make a dummy profile, just a profile you'll use for this purpose. You'll need to have 2 controllers connected to your Xbox 360. Step 2: Have the dummy join your game. Step 3: Have your main character that you want to earn the gold, give his items and gold to the dummy Step 4: Have the dummy reject the items and gold and leave their game Fortunately the combat is pretty easy in Fable and other things make up for the lack of armor. assigned the crapload of XP you get afterwards, went back to Bowerstone, bought a few things. The primary issue is Peter Molyneux wanted you to feel unconditional love, and that in order to be good, you had to make personal sacrifice since being good in Fable 1 was easy. The guy has such a black and white view of morality, though (see Black and White), that it's still easy as a harlot to be a good guy Note: Fable 2 will not ship with Online Co-op mode. An update with this functionality is rumored to be released shortly after the launch of the game. Xbox LIVE Arcade Mini-Games Gamers can play minigames through Xbox LIVE Arcade and earn currency that can be used in Fable 2 to purchase weapons, armor, and other items for the hero

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These four systems work in tandem to make Fable 2 a fairly complex game. In spite of these complexities, though, combat is surprisingly easy to get in to. Every character has three core attacks. Fable II is a bit of a strange one as there are several threads devoted to helping each other - but I assume that's just down to there being a lot of collectibles in the game. You'll know better. Fable was one of my highly anticipated reads and it did not disappoint. I loved this book from beginning to end and felt desperate for more once I had read the last lines. This book is a classic sea adventure story with a loveable and strong female lead. Fable is bold and impulsive, courageous, vulnerable, big-hearted and fiercely loyal Fable II by Lionhead Studio's is a solid action adventure game but it just lacks in a lot of area's, The game is way too easy which takes away any challenge the game could of had, the world is sometimes very graphically appealing and has a magical feel, but other times it's bland and uninteresting, It's a very mixed bag with some silly design.

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  2. Fable II is the sequel to Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is the highly anticipated sequel, which is widely successful and has sold more than three million copies. The game is based on the core game play theme of Fable, it is an action role-playing game, which allows you to live the life you choose in the newly expanded world of Albion
  3. I've played Fable II for years, and have both content DLCs. About a year ago I found out that if after using an XP potion (Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, didn't matter which), if I paused within a few frames of the game returning to normal play I could use the exact same potion again. My copy is fully patched, even testing it today it worked
  4. Fable 2 and XBox 360 bring you the anticipated sequel to the popular original that sold more than 3 million copies. Created by famed game designer Peter Molyneux, Fable 2 for Xbox 360 features an epic story that picks up 500 years after the first game. # Easy XP. Purchase an Experience Potion from a vendor at either Browerstone or Westcliff.

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  1. 2.use it. 3. press pause right after using it. 4.repeat 2 and press a on the person who sold it to you really quickly. 5. sell the potion. and viola you have free xp this can be used to get from 200xp to about 125000xp in any skill More tricks, tips and cheats for this game are right here - Fable II cheat
  2. This cheat for Fable 2 [XBOX 360] has been posted at 23 Oct 2008 by cGub and is called Infinite Experience. The Cheat have a rating -1 by 3 our users and has been commented 1 times. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up cGub and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 6 other cheats for Fable 2, look them as soon as possible
  3. Xp grind is easy my friend showed me just farm hobbes go to their cave and just keep kicking their asses. View entire discussion ( 13 comments) More posts from the Fable communit
  4. How to unlock the The Ruler of Albion achievement in Fable II: Amass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does upgrading furniture is an easy way to do it. I.
  5. Fable II. Fable taught me so much growing up - Like if your wife catches you with your four other wives, just dance and it'll be fine. 260. 23 comments. share. save. hide. report. 255. Posted by 5 days ago. Art. Here's a bunch of Character Concept Art for Fable 2. 1/8. 255. 15 comments. share. save. hide

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Im trying to play a evil character, but it feels impossible when you get 2 good karma for killing monsters, this was removed in fable 2 and 3 so cant you patch it out? It just feels wrong and makes playing a evil character a hassle since everytime you go get some xp you have to go into towns to kill some peasants just to stay evi Easy experience. Go to the Ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood. When you approach the gate, a group of Hobbes will appear. Kill the Hobbes, then go towards the bridge leading away from the gate. Once you touch the bridge, go back towards the gate, and more Hobbes will appear. It is very easy to maintain a 20-22 combat multiplier with the Physical. Play 3D 9-Ball game & get $2 Free! Download now and enjoy 4 variation of Pool (billiards) games, and 3 types of Snooker games. Visit us and enjoy the web's most realistic 3D Graphics. Play 8-Balll game now, it's fast, easy and 100% free This is the second piece of downloadable content for Fable II. The first, Knothole Island, arrived on Xbox Live in January. Fable II has sold more than 2.6 million copies worldwide since its. Go to the Bowerstone town square and make enough gold to buy the cow and Corset Inn (for example, by blacksmithing). After you buy the inn, go into Fable 2 Pub Games and merge your Fable 2 character with the character that has the extremely high debt. Save the game, then return to Fable 2

With this Mod you can fight in the Arena infinite times.<br />Put the FinalAlbion.qst in the Fable Anniversary folder usually C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fable Anniversary or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fable Anniversary and overwrite the old file. Gameplay ; By o1o1o Mar 10, 2019 - Explore Ryan Steele's board Fable, followed by 119 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fables, fable 2, fable 3 Discard the henchman's abilities, and then leave co-op mode. All that free xp you just gained from discarding the henchman's skills is now yours. Rinse and repeat, as the henchman gets more powerful each time! Being a landlord in Fable II makes your ascendency to insane riches laughably easy. Within a few hours a player can afford to buy all. Fable II is a very good game and it's easy to pick-up. IF your child wants to get this game then set boundaries, such as no having sex or no getting drunk. Then if you are concerned that your child is breaking these rules then most of these things can be checked in the in game logbook Let's Get this out of the way immediately - Fable: The Lost Chapters isn't going to be a simple port of the Xbox version. Don't forget, Fable was originally envisaged as a PC title, and it's looking like this might well be the edition that Peter Molyneux and his Lionhead cohorts were planning on making all along

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5.2 live battling pandaria tamers have been designed to award good XP boosts while the beasts of fable have been designed so you have a better chance of getting a stone: While addressing a pet quirk to the way the Beasts of Fable damage reduction buff works that can be exploited to make basically any beast of fable fairly easy to kill. This. Fable II is like buying a chocolate cake covered in cream. Not for the loss of XP mind you. XP was easy enough to come by, but because I kept getting good karma! I was roleplaying a badass, no nonsense, take no shit from no one, evil kinda character, and I surmised my character would fight the conditioning, not because it was the right.

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The gold you earn in Fable II Pub Games is turned into XP instead, on a 1 gp = 1 XP ratio. JAF1970 17:34, 11 August 2008 (UTC) Source? Jasca Ducato 18:46, 11 August 2008 (UTC) In Fable II Pub Games it's self. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 19:45, 14 August 2008 (UTC Operating system: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7. File: fable 2 ending *** This software was checked for viruses and was found to contain no viruses. *** Fable 2: whats the best outcome to the end of the game love, If you pick love, you get to keep your family and dog, but everyone who died in the spire stays dead Double click your picture, and it will appear in the selected place of the brochure. The new user interface makes creating presentations simpler by providing users with quick and easy access to the right tools and functions. Fable 2 Murgo S Dyes Recommended, Our Recommended Site of Fable 2 murgo s dyes, All of this site is submitted by our fable 2 | Tumblr, #Fable #Fable II #Whore. Loading Hide notes. 234. lokiscreed. This bitch on Fable that I chose for Civilian Displacement thinks Im going to propose to her. OB entries running on a scanned system. To change the color of the name of the month, click in the text box where the month appears, and highlight the month From the Manufacturer. Based on the best-selling award-winning Xbox title Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters is now fully optimized for the Windows platform complete with expanded content, greater customization, new quests, and enhanced graphics. In this groundbreaking role-playing adventure game from Lionhead Studios, your every action determines your character s skills, appearance, and morality

Fable cheats, codes, walkthroughs, guides, FAQs and more for XBox. ALL NEW TRAINER MANAGER 2.0 HAS BEEN RELEASED AND IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! TRAINERS CoSMOS REQUESTS QUEUE BOARDS REWARDS SUPPORT. We have 27,003 trainers for 6,693 Games. Get them all with Cheat Happens Premium This page contains Fable cheats list for X-BOX version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 2 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 13 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fable on X-BOX platform This Fable 3 easy gold money cheat will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of a glitch in the game. Keep in mind that taking advantage of a glitch is not what the developers intended, and once you make easy and fast cash via a cheat, your amount of currency will quickly multiply and can definitely take away from the fun of.

The Paramour is yet another achievement in the Fable franchise's storied lineage of cheeky trophies. But, unlike many of Fable 2's playful accolades, this achievement is arguably more salacious than most. In case you missed it, Fable 2 is the 2008 award-winning followup to Microsoft's acclaimed action adventure RPG from Lionhead Studios Fable II Achievements There is a very easy way to get max stats without grinding for numerous hours. and pop a top level skill potion do this again and again and basically the multiplier. so i joined my buddy at the beginnin of his game in co op mode and it took away all of my exp and abilities some how is there any way to get them bec

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The Fable 2 DLC is said to cost only 560MS points. Some of the new features highlighted in the upcoming DLC are: Murgo: Having first met him during the childhood sequence of Fable II, Murgo returns to Bowerstone Market to bring an amazing array of new wares, including potions that can transform canine companions into new breeds The task ahead of you will not be an easy one. Only through years of hard work can you hope to unleash your Original Fable Control Scheme At Your Command Fable 2/3 Inspired Control Scheme At Your Command Target Lock-on Magic (hold) Collect XP Orbs Arm / Shealthe Melee Weapon Arm / Shealthe Ranged Weapon Pause Inventory Block / Roll with LS.

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Fable 2, one heck of an role playing game. I never played the first fable. but it is said it was good but short. Well looks like its a Lionhead studio problem. However, Fable 2 is one great game. Why well: It has well and adequate combat system. It's simple, easy to use and deathly once known how to use it well Created by famed game designer Peter Molyneux, Fable 2 for Xbox 360 features an epic story that picks up 500 years after the first game these are some cheat codes in fable 2 1. infinite Xp- As you playing the game for the first time you will be asked to update the game Do not say yes to the download just continue to play the game 2. Mount or burn image 3. Install using serial: 11111-11111-11111-11111-11111 Fable 3: English Only Repack (5.49GB extracted) Install Instructions: The Installer is in Russian, but the game is entirely English. It's easy to fix this... 1.) First, you have to prevent it from happening again, otherwise as soon as you put it back, its just. Fable: The Expanded Chapters is a full-scale World/Region Mod, made using both .TNG edits and Fable Mod Packages. Most regions in the game are connected, it contains new objects/items made by me and is compatible with many weapon & armour mods found at the FableTLCMod Forums

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Welcome to a guide to the items, abilities, weapons, demon doors etc. in Fable II, a fantastic rpg game released only a few days ago. This guide is meant to help you start off playing as your hero, containing useful information and locations of treasure etc At the time, it was hyperbole for the sake of comedy that nonetheless commented on how easy it was to become overpowered in the game. It wasn't perfectly reflective of what was literally likely while playing Fable 2 , but I still felt it was fair commentary on how the game balance felt if partaking of potions Both the Fable 2 Hero and Rose were killed by a runaway wagon while talking to the lady and the tramp. Notice that nothing overtly magical (The Music Box, for instance) happens to the Fable 2 Hero until after this point in time. The story of Fable 2 is the dying dream of a young child who'd desperately wanted something better

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I've bought a ton of games during the ongoing Steam summer sale, and here are a few early thoughts on some of those titles. Purchased games which ar 4.0k votes, 113 comments. 1.4m members in the FortNiteBR community. The developer supported, community run subreddit dedicated to the Fortnite

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