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An alternative method to check your immigration status and to find out which government agency has issued the blacklist order is by calling the 1Malaysia One Call Centre (1MOCC) at 03-8880 1000. Check Blacklist from Student Loan (PTPTN- Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional) 1. Visit https://www.ptptn.gov.my/msk/Utama (PTPTN website Status of Immigration Control for Malaysian-Blacklist (SSPI) How To Know If Your Are Barred From Travelling Overseas? If you are planning to travel overseas, please bear in mind that you can be barred from travelling overseas for criminal charges, a bankrupt, default on tax, and default on any other loan payments - Foreign workers who commit the act of abscondment will be blacklisted by the Immigration Department. - Their security bonds will be confiscated as well. FOREIGN WORKERS (COLOURED) IDENTITY CARD BY SECTORS OF EMPLOYMENT (i-KAD) - Foreign workers with valid VP (TE) will also be issued the i-Kad and its validity period is the same with the VP (TE) check travel blacklist As the Star reported: As more than 820,000 Malaysians have been blacklisted from leaving the country, Malaysians can check their current immigration status by logging into the Immigration Department of Malaysia's online checking system

Between 2010 to 2017, a total of 622, 768 individuals are blacklisted from leaving the country. There are a number of reasons why the Malaysian government restrict Malaysians to leave the country. If you plan to go overseas for holiday or work purposes, make sure to always check your status with the immigration Malaysia arrested 130 foreigners in June in an immigration sweep, and this shows the intensity of the problems caused by illegal migrants in the country Despite the ample time given, the Immigration Department revealed that only 23% of the targeted 600,000 illegal immigrants have applied for the E-Card. Foreign workers who failed to obtain the E-Card will be detained, deported, and blacklisted The Malaysia Special Pass must also be applied in not less than seven (7) days before the expiry date of the foreigner's existing Pass (e.g. Employment Visa, Tourist Visa, Student Visa, etc.). Generally, there are three common instances whereby the Malaysian Immigration Department will grant a Special Pass

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Immigration Department of Malaysia Electronic System Immigration control status checking This website enables Malaysian to check their status on application for passport and travelling overseas. For the purpose of entering Sabah and Sarawak depends to the authority of state law and regulation Date Of Update : 27.04.2021 Best viewed using Google Chrome Version 57.0, Mozilla Firefox version 52. A Black List Order (BLO) disallows a foreign national entry into the Philippines. One of the common reasons for inclusion in the BL is that a foreign national has violated the Philippine Immigration law/s such as overstaying After I kept enough money for all payments, I went to the Malaysia Immigration office in Putrajaya and paid the penalty of RM400. I then got a special pass. Unfortunately, base don the stamp in my passport, I was blacklisted for 5 years. It's been 1 year already, I want to visit Malaysia again via Johor Bahru for personal purpose

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63,000 foreigners barred from entering Malaysia - Immigration DG By Bernama - December 1, 2018 @ 3:35am The Immigration Department (JIM) has blocked the entry of about 63,000 foreigners into the country over several offences under the Immigration Act 1959/1963 including those with criminal records and have been blacklisted since Jan 1 this year Illegal immigration to Malaysia is the cross-border movement of people to Malaysia under conditions where official authorisation is lacking, breached, expired, fraudulent, or irregular. The cross-border movement of workers has become well-established in Southeast Asia, with Malaysia a major labour-receiving country and Indonesia and the Philippines the region's main labour-sending states If a foreign national enters Malaysia with the requirement to complete an in-country immigration process, for instance, to transfer an Employment Pass from an old to a new passport, they may receive a Special Pass on arrival at immigration control, which will state To report to the Immigration Office. The foreign national will be given up. Update Date: 14 November 2020. Translated from BM: Soalan - soalan Lazim Program Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja Chinese: 非法外劳重聘 / 漂白计划常见问题 Malaysia Foreign Workers Rehiring is launching soon started from 16 November 2020, please fill up the form below and we will notify you when the program is available.You have missed 6P program in 2011 and rehiring program in 2014.

Screenshot of malaysian immigration travel blacklist status checking system. If you are not blacklisted by the immigration department of malaysia and not placed under a stoppage order the result produced will be. Bagi kemasukan ke sabah dan sarawak tertakluk kepada undang undang kerajaan negeri. Malaysians can follow these simple steps Blacklist check immigration malaysia. Zohor lectures surau as salam immigration department of malaysia march 2018 wednesday 28 february 2018 permohonan menduduki peperiksaan perkhidmatan pertama bagi pegawai imigresen gred kp19 dan peperiksaan undang undang kerajaan bhg 03 subj. The system is designed by the immigration depar Malaysia Immigration News Update is on Facebook. Malaysia Immigration News Update. How to check if you are on the travel blacklist Malaysians can check their current immigration status by logging into the Immigration Department of Malaysia's online checking system. Please sir tell me how to check foreigner black list.I hope malaysia. How to check immigration blacklist in Malaysia? 3905 Views ⚫ Asked 3 Years Ago. asked on Nov 17, 2017 at 21:55 by . abujbr. edited on Aug 27, 2018 at 19:08 . I have blacklist stamp in my passport. Long story short, I went to an agent to clear my overstay. He returned my passport after 3 months with the red blacklist stamp and requested more.

This visa pass is granted to foreign nationals who will be employed in Malaysia for less than 24 months. Other visas associated with a working visa are the training visa and dependent visa. Training visas are granted to foreign nationals who want to undergo training under Malaysians for a maximum of 12 months A Black List Order (BLO) disallows a foreign national entry into the Philippines.. One of the common reasons for inclusion in the Black List is that a foreign national has violated the Philippine Immigration law's such as overstaying General Entry Information U.S. citizens are generally allowed to travel to Malaysia without a visa if they are coming only for tourism and only for a short time. However the decision on admission to Malaysia is made by and at the discretion of the Malaysian Immigration Department, in accordance with Malaysian law and regulations. Under.

MACC: Five, including 'Datuk', held for hacking into Immigration Dept database over Temporary Working Visit Passes Tuesday, 06 Apr 2021 04:03 PM MYT The arrest of the five suspects, aged between 33 and 43, also succeeded in solving the problem faced by the Immigration Department, which had had its PLKS system hacked into by the syndicate Prepare Immigration Application Online. Get Started On Your Application Now On September 8, 2020, the Immigration Department of Malaysia announced that nationals of certain countries, including the United States, are banned from entry to Malaysia. On September 18, 2020, Immigration announced U.S. citizens with certain long-term passes may apply to enter Malaysia. In addition, as of November 20, spouses of Malaysian.

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  1. For foreigners holding Social Visit Pass (visitors) and their passes expired before or during MCO, who are stranded to leave Malaysia after 14 days of MCO are required to present themselves at nearest Immigration Offices within the stipulated 30 working days period for facilitation subject to supporting letter from the respective embassy
  2. On 25 May, the country's Director General for Health Noor Hisham Abdullah announced 172 new cases - of which 159 were foreigners, including 112 cases in three of the country's immigration detention facilities (in Sepang, Bukit Jalil, and Semenyih). According to the IOM, deportations have continued throughout the pandemic
  3. Travelers Being Granted Approval To Enter Malaysia. Foreign visitors arriving in the country for medical tourism purposes must go through the Health Ministry and register with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). Only residents of Brunei, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand may apply

Malaysian Passport Blacklist Check : Last Updated: 16 Nov 2016 : Malaysians can now go online or short messaging service (SMS) to check whether they have been barred by the Immigration Department from leaving the country or entry to Sabah / Sarawak Dear Valued Clients, We are pleased to announce that the Immigration Department of Malaysia has issued new guidelines for Expatriate / Skilled Worker / Knowledge Worker Entering Malaysia for Key Posts and Technical Posts, and for Dependents and Foreign Maids during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period The update said: Malaysian immigration authorities have clarified that foreigners who entered Malaysia before the MCO on 18 Mar 2020 and whose social visit passes have expired are allowed to. Immigration director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud said that it only allows workers from 15 countries to work in Malaysia, and that unskilled foreign workers will only be allowed to work in sectors labelled 3D: 'Dirty, dangerous and difficult' Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Check Blacklist. How To Check If I M Blacklisted By Malaysian Immigration And Barred From Entering Malaysia Quora. Travel Blacklist Are You Banned From Traveling. Check Out Memo Com Is A Process To Foreign Workers In Malaysia Info News That Matter Facebook. Travel Blacklist Are You Banned From Traveling

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  1. KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 ― An immigration officer was charged here today with receiving bribes totalling RM21,500 in exchange for helping foreigners who had committed immigration offences to leave Malaysia via the KLIA2 airport without having to face the law
  2. News. 2021-04-22 News information Passing on the spirit of TAIWAN BRAVO. The New Annual Program of National Immigration Agency We are Family TAIWAN BRAVO! will premiere on April 25th; 2021-04-13 News information 10th Automatic 30-Day Visa Extensions Announced for Foreigners who have Legally Stayed for 180 Days or More; 2021-03-11 News information Minister of the Interior Meets 13.
  3. After all, the blacklist stamp was on the old passport, right? Well no, this is the 21st century. Immigration computers collect a lot of data and even biometrics. This could have worked maybe 25 years ago, but it is no longer the case. A final note. As a foreigner, one does not have an inherent right to enter or be in Indonesia
  4. 'Malaysia My Second Home' Programme (MM2H) The MM2H programme was initially established by the Government of Malaysia and allows all foreigners, who fulfill certain conditions, to stay in the country on a long-term visa for at least 10 years (extension is possible). They can enter and leave the country freely without restrictions
  5. Malaysia prior to 31 December 2020. As a special case, those foreigners who entered Malaysia after 1 January 2020 will continue to be allowed to leave Malaysia without payment of any fine etc. This scheme is being directly monitored by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The concerned worker needs to visit the Malaysia

After the final Enforcement Card (E-Kad) application deadline (30 June 2017), the Malaysian Immigration Department begun its crackdown on employers and illegal immigrants on 1 July 2017. As of yesterday, according to immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali, over 2,000 foreign workers and 44 employers nationwide, Bernama reports.. The Immigration Department of Malaysia is pleased to introduce the e-Special Pass (eSP) submission through Expatriate Service Division (ESD) online. This process is currently ONLY applicable to Employment Pass renewal application submission through ESD online, and takes effect from 15 March 2021 onwards The audit department had on Oct 25, 2018 joined the immigration department to raid a plastic processing factory in Bangi and arrested 26 foreign workers for allegedly misusing their work permits. Malaysia. Ex-immigration staffer may have given access to work visit pass forgery syndicate: MACC. He said although the syndicate hacked into the system, they failed to change the blacklist statuses of foreigners who have been banned from entering the country. - Bernama, April 7, 2021. Get news, from every side. Subscribe to our newsletter

The Labour Recalibration Program (Program Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja) is a special Employment Plan to regulate illegal immigrants in the country as legal foreign workers employed by eligible employers subject to strict conditions decided by the Government through the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) and the Department of Labor Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) Clients are advised to gather information from expatriate employees about any foreign nationals the expatriates employ as domestic staff. Recently, BAL has become aware of several cases wherein companies were blacklisted by government authorities when an employee's maid left without notice. As described in detail below, this can have serious consequences. Blacklisting For blacklisted. malaysia my second home (mm2h) Contact Us Any inquiries regarding the MyTravelPass application can be directed to: A Black List Order (BLO) is one that bars a foreigner from entering the Philippines. This is usually because the foreigner has committed a violation of one or more of the immigration laws of the Philippines. Being discourteous to an immigration official upon arrival in the Philippines can even be considered a ground to black list a foreigner from the Philippines

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25 March 2020 On 16 March 2020, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced the implementation of a Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout Malaysia from 18 to 31 March 2020 (Period). This period has, by way of another announcement on 25 March 2020, been extended to 14 April 2020 (Extended Period).The Malaysian Immigration Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have. As many as 4,200 foreigners have been blacklisted by the Home Ministry's Immigration Department for flouting tourist visa norms and engaging in Tablighi activities, particularly missionary work. The Malaysian Immigration Department issues the Malaysia Special Pass to foreign nationals who have not renewed their current employment or student pass or not departed after it expired, if it is for a reason they deem acceptable. In the past, the Malaysia Special Pass was issued for two reasons: Making Arrangement to Leave the Country an The blacklist - introduced in August by the tourism, public security and foreign ministries - puts travel restrictions on places where Chinese go to gamble The Bureau of Immigration and Deportation has various grounds for the inclusion of a foreign nationals' name in the immigration blacklist. The common reasons why foreign nationals are blacklisted by immigration are overstaying, public charge, or undesirable aliens. Letter Request If you are a foreign national whose name is included in the.

Yes, the Director-General of Immigration has recently issued a Directive to confirm that during the period of the MCO and extended period, all foreigners whose tourist visa/work permit has expired are allowed to exit Malaysia, without having to apply for any Special Pass subject to the foreigner possessing a valid passport Except for foreign nationals with Philippine permanent resident visa. Filipinos and permanent resident visa holders will be allowed entry subject to the assessment and a 14 day quarantine to be implemented by the Bureau of Immigration. Filipinos travelling to the People's Republic of China and its Administrative Regions

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  1. Malaysia says it will include all foreigners who live in the country in its national vaccination programme as it prepares to roll out its first jabs at the end of this month
  2. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today said that the country's immigration database had been hacked by a syndicate involved in the forgery of temporary employment visit passes. The anti-graft agency also said five people aged 33 to 43 including the syndicate leader, who has a Datuk title, were arrested in Kuala Lumpur.
  3. The Philippine Immigration Department has a ruling on the amount of time before an Immigration Blacklisted person can be removed from the blacklist. These Adverts help to pay for this site ai8. This is often either 3 or 6 months after being blacklisted, but can be as high as 10 years
  4. Thailand: Blacklist for Foreigners Who Overstay Visas (Apr. 6, 2016) On March 20, 2016, as part of tightened security measures, new immigration rules entered into force banning the re-entry into Thailand of foreigners who unlawfully overstay their visas by more than 90 days. (Banned.
  5. istering and managing the movement of people at authorised entry and exit.

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NEW PROCEDURES FOR THE CHANGE OF EMPLOYMENT OF FOREIGN WORKERS Reference is made to the IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT MALAYSIA'S ANNOUNCEMENT dated 10 June 2020. Effective 10 June 2020, employers are allowed to change employment of their foreign workers via the Department of Labour, Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR). The new procedures are based on th Malaysia Immigration: Address: Headquarters of the Immigration Department Malaysia, (Ministry of Home Affairs) Level 1-7 (Podium) No 15, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 2 62550 Putrajaya. Phone: 03-8000 8000 (1MOCC) How can we let a foreigner run off the people of the country, making them jobless while he himself making a lot of money from the. The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a programme promoted by the Malaysia Tourism Authority and the Immigration Department of Malaysia, to allow foreigners to stay in Malaysia for a period of ten years. Foreigners who fulfill certain criteria may apply, and a successful applicant is allowed to bring a spouse, an unmarried child under the age of 21, and parents who are over 60 years old TOURISTS AND VISITORS Social Visit Pass. Single entry visa. This is given to most foreign nationals at the time they arrive in Malaysia and is valid for a period of 90 days. Some countries are required to obtain a visa before travelling to Malaysia and this should be checked with the appropriate people before embarking [

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iii. Immigration, Customs and logistics reception to the Hotel. The PUS will go through the usual entry procedures through Immigration and Customs Officers. The government will arrange transportation to designated quarantine centres. For foreigners who fail to submit LoU upon arrival, the Immigration has the right to order a Not-To-Land (NTL. check travel blacklist As the Star reported: As more than 820,000 Malaysians have been blacklisted from leaving the country, Malaysians can check their current immigration status by logging into the Immigration Department of Malaysia's online checking system Sistem Aplikasi Elektronik Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Semakan Status Perjalanan Imigresen Laman web ini adalah untuk kemudahan warganegara Malaysia yang ingin menyemak status dokumen perjalanan dan perjalanan ke luar negara Thailand: Blacklist for Foreigners Who Overstay Visas (Apr. 6, 2016) On March 20, 2016, as part of tightened security measures, new immigration rules entered into force banning the re-entry into Thailand of foreigners who unlawfully overstay their visas by more than 90 days. (Banned. Read more Work and Holiday Visa/Holiday Working Visa - Malaysia and Australia - Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia. Filed under: Immigration, Passport, Visa, Pass, Permit and Travel Documents. How to Report Foreign Workers Who Have Absconded - Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) - Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Check your visa status periodically while in Malaysia and strictly follow immigration laws and regulations. Visit the Embassy of Malaysia website for the most current visa information. The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of Malaysia The employer submits an application to the Malaysia Immigration Department attached with a letter that justifies why the post may only be held by a foreigner and not a local, along with prerequisites, qualifications, and experience required for that position. The potential benefits to the company the foreign employee will bring to the company. The government has vacillated in its approach to illegal immigration over the past decade, from whipping and fining people for working illegally in Malaysia, to registering 1.3 million of an estimated two million undocumented foreigners for an amnesty program in 2011 Free Malaysia Today. Spat between minister, top cop shows breakdown in authority, says ex-MP Free Malaysia Today. A govt of 'frogs' won't investigate party hoppers, says Shahri Foreign Spouses Support Group, Malaysia. 22,001 likes · 481 talking about this. Advancing and Protecting the rights of Foreign Spouses of Malaysian Citizens and their Children. Foreign Spouses..

Immigration Department director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud speaks during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur April 7, 2021. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri Subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest updates on news you need to know. KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 — The Immigration Department is in the mids Latest travel advice for Malaysia including how coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting travel and entry requirements at this time as well as safety and security and local laws and custom This guarantee is required by the Immigration Department from an Employer under Regulation 21 of the Immigration Regulations. It guarantees to pay the Director General of Immigration of Malaysian up to a maximum aggregate sum of the guarantee value, in the event that anyone of foreign workers be repatriated in the course of stay in Malaysia. 2 Spouse Visa Malaysia. Foreigner married to Malaysian can apply for a long term social visit pass also known as spouse visa. The Long Tern Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) is issued to the Spouse (Husband/Wife) of the Malaysian citizen to grant them a multiple entry visa for a period of up to 5 years, and also allows them to work in Malaysia without having to convert their visa to a working visa The Immigration Act of 1959/1963 is the main legislation in Malaysia handling immigration and foreign employment issues. Included in the legislation are admissions into and out of Malaysia, entry visas and permits, procedures upon arrival, in transit, removal from the country, and other offenses or special provisions for East Malaysia

But if you're looking for immigration Malaysia work permit check or calling visa check or foreign servant, etc. Then we recommend clicking on the button below and download the pdf version of this guide. It includes all types of Malaysia online visa checks. That Malaysian immigration allows checking from their system APPLICATION STATUS FOR FOREIGN MAIDS / FOREIGN WORKERS : Status : APPLICATION RECEIVED-Application is received. NEW-Application has been received and are being processed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please send the original copy of supporting documents if still not do so 2020-21 Recalibration / Rehiring Program News Read here PATI Rehiring / Recalibration Program 非法外劳重聘 / 漂白计划 2020 Read here Malaysia Rehiring Foreign Workers Is Allowed With Conditions Pleas to extend the 3-plus-1 and rehiring programme introduced by the Immigration department for foreign workers will not be entertained when it ends on Dec 31 2017 Malaysia to Raise Foreign Worker Levy by 100PCT, R, October 27, 1995. Amnesty call for illegal immigrants in Malaysia's Sabah state , Deutsche Presse-Agentur, October 12, 1995. No need for foreign workers to join unions, says minister, The Straits times (Singapore), September 25 1995; Lokman Mansor, Guidelines on Hiring Foreigners.

For faster access to Malaysia for 2 years' Labuan work permit, we can assist you to set up the Labuan International Company -100% foreign owned company with the lowest paid-up capital to operate your international business in Malaysia, hassle free without the need of any trade license for most trading businesses and without the need to set-up. As Malaysia has opened doors to Foreigners, in return Foreigner also MUST prove that he is good for Malaysia. To prove this, you can provide job opportunities to Malaysian citizen in your company. Having a staff in your office also gives a very positive impression on your potential customers/clients/business associates

By: Alexander Llanes Acain Jr. Esq. On February 04, 2014, the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation through then immigration commissioner Siegfred B. Mison issued Immigration Administrative Circular SBM-2014-001 prescribing periods for the lifting of entries in the immigration blacklist Unfortunately, the Malaysia Work Permit and Visa application process is not always as predictable or easy as one would like it to be. As professional Malaysia Immigration consultants, with over 19 years of experience, we will guide your company through the whole process A foreigner has the right to choose to contribute to his or her country pension plan or Malaysia's Employees Provident Fund (EPF) which allows a tax deduction up to RM6,000 per annum. Employers are encouraged to plan ahead on the number of expatriates required in each year as work permits are issued two to three months from the date of submission Immigration D-G: Starting tomorrow, holders of expired social visit pass must apply for special pass PUTRAJAYA, April 21 — Effective tomorrow, foreigners with expired Social Visit Pass (PLS) will have to apply for a special pass to enable them to stay in Malaysia while waiting for a flight back to their country of origin, said Immigration director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud Immigration Department of Malaysia Foreign Worker Permit Renewal. Renew your Foreign Worker PL (KS) permit online through MYEG. For all successful transactions and payments, your foreign worker permits will be delivered to your premise. You will be required to produce your MyKad to confirm and acknowledge the receipt of the permits

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Foreign Worker Insurance In Malaysia This Year What is Foreign Worker Insurance. Foreign Worker Insurance is Products that give coverage to protect All General workers working in Malaysia.It is products are required by Immigration Malaysia Regulation. By the way it was very important for All Employers must take the foreign worker insurance How to check overseas travel blacklist online failed to pay levy or taxes for foreign workers etc. Immigration Department of Malaysia has created a website where Malaysian citizen can check their Immigration control status online prior to making any travel plans

Bureau of Immigration (BoI) was setup in 1971 by Government of India to undertake Immigration function in the country. BoI is headed by Commissioner of Immigration and assisted by FRROs for immigration facilitation service at airports and work relating to registration of foreigners under various Acts and Rules They were rude to Immigration Authorities in various Subport Offices. However, an Alien blacklisted from the Philippines may request their removal from the blacklist. The foreigner my petition the BI Commissioner by citing meritorious reasons and apologizing for his misconduct. Press Release. (2018 February 06) BI Turns Back 74 Rude. Immigration Team Lead Santa Fe Relocation Malaysia D: +60 19 601 6900 E: ks.balasingam@santaferelo.com. Robert Day Group Head of Immigration Operation Santa Fe Relocation London, UK D: +44 7990 021125 E: robert.day@santaferelo.com. To read more immigration updates, click here. About our Immigration Service Foreign Immigration In Malaysia. 832 Words 4 Pages. First of all to understand this topic of assignment, understand the meaning of non-citizen, immigrants or foreigners is vital. According to Normah Awang Noh et al. (2016), the definition of foreign immigrants or foreigners in Malaysia are those who came to Malaysia from other countries legally. With thousands of legal and immigration professionals worldwide, we have the experience, scale and flexibility to ensure that our clients receive the highest caliber of immigration services. Everything we do as a firm is focused on enhancing the delivery of immigration services customized specifically to your needs. We continuously evaluate our services and our immigration programs to instill.

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Easy to locate us! Our office is within the vicinity of KLCC! MalaysiaBizAdvisory @ Expatriate Advisory Sdn Bhd (339182-T) Unit 15.02 Level 15, Plaza 138 138 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dear *****, Immigration agents on exit have discretion; however the law allows and the discretion used is to detain you for several weeks to several months, until you have had a formal hearing.. However for a short overstay, if you do to the immigration before they discover you, you can pay a fine, normally in the range of RM30 per day of overstay, and then depart Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) is a permit issued by the Road Transport Department (under Section 66H of the Road Transport Act 1987) that allows the entry of foreign vehicles into Malaysia. Owners or representatives duly appointed by the owners of ALL foreign registered vehicles entering Peninsular Malaysia are required to register online for VEP.

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