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Vergelijk ook energie bij de grootste financiële vergelijker van Nederland. Vergelijk op: prijs, duurzaamheid, voorwaarden, beoordelingen van anderen en meer the orgone scalar pendant has more ingredients & energy which protects you from radiation, and give you abundant amount of energy with added crystals to amplify love - on the other hand the angel scalar pendant brings angelic protection and protects you from radiation also. both can be warn together for to formulate added strength

PROOF, Research and Evidence. It actually generates orgone energy, unlike the boxes I've been using for over 10 years, which don't generate anything. It feels like their working but, orgone doesn't not accumalate nor generate, like with the rad 1000 Orgone Energy is demonstrated using time lapse footage of growing bakers yeast. The Orgone of the growing yeast is displayed on the Heliognosis LM4 Experimen.. Proof Why Orgone Energy & Scalar WORKS !!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: orgone does not require belief or conscious attention in order to work. this is not a religion, a cult, or a product of disinformation IT WORKS ! . This has nothing whatsoever to do with the ''newage movement''. Animals love the presence of an orgone pyramids. Cats especially have an. Orgone (/ ˈ ɔːr ɡ oʊ n /) is a pseudoscientific concept variously described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force.Originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich, and developed by Reich's student Charles Kelley after Reich's death in 1957, orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Mesmer. Orgonite: more proof of its amazing Power 2 droughts in Southern Africa that were widely announced and should have led to up to 10 million dead from hunger in Zimbabwe and Zambia in 2003 and 2004 respectively have been stopped so far as well as some regional ones such as the very severe drought in the Western Cape that we stopped in Easter 2005

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Orgonite pyramid helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and can aid in strengthening your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more beneficial for life forms including yourself, pets and plants According to Reich, the effect of an orgasm is to generate large quantities of a special form of energy called orgone. Although the idea was new to western science when he proposed it in the 1930s, orgone can trace its roots to the Kundalini energy of ancient India or the Qi of traditional Chinese medicine Reich believed the flow of positive energy is blocked in the body because of negative energy. The orgone energy will suck the harmful elements from the body out, which will improve the flow of positive energy and will help improve the overall condition of patients The benefits are limitless, they includes enhanced psychic and intuitive abilities, a calmer home, purifies and detoxifies water, alignes chakras, enhances p.. The Water Song - Proof That Magic Exists in This World. The result is a scalarwave vortex aka Orgone energy frozen throughout the restructured water, similar to the restructuring process of Dr. Emoto's water tests. As a side note, if you live in a cold climate that experiences freezing temperatures regularly, throw a (properly constructed.

Scientific evidence, proof of the existence and characteristics of orgone energy Thermal energy and orgone energy are two properties of one and the same phenomenon. Namely, while heat energy decomposes matter by increasing its chaotic (positive entropy), orgone energy is synthesized into crystals and fractals (negative entropy) Orgone Energy Proof While there's something to be said about Reich's orgone accumulator, orgonite pyramids have actually had numerous tests and experiments that show results worth noting! The people that continued Reich's studied have just further solidified the possibility of orgone energy In 1940, Wilhelm Reich constructed the first device to accumulate orgone energy: a six-sided box constructed of alternating layers of organic materials (to attract the energy) and metallic materials (to radiate the energy toward the center of the box). Patients would sit inside the accumulator and absorb orgone energy through their skin and lungs Orgone energy, is extremely powerful, in this video, we will demonstrate the power of orgone and how it can be used an proved you will never be in doubt of t.. Designed for you to sit inside, the orgone accumulator (ORAC) attracts nature's energy from the outside atmosphere, concentrates and amplifies it on the inside where it comes into contact with your energy field and the two fields luminate, creating an even stronger charge. The body easily absorbs this energy as it is the same bio-energy that.

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Many years before I invented the orgone generator®, I was already aware of the transfer of life force, or orgone energy, at any distance. This insight was a natural consequence of my dual background, i.e., mathematics and physics as well as practice of so-called meta-physical disciplines, where action at a distance has been an integral part. Orgone energy was originally observed by Wilhelm Reich, MD, a psychoanalyst in the late 1920s, as a bio-electrical charge whose flow within the body could be visibly seen as waves passing through his clinical patients as they were experiencin proof of orgone energy Since orgone has no mass, I captured the energy vortex it makes from my handmade orgone charging plates, that you can actually see with your own eyes... using frozen water : With no charging plate, this is just a regular glass of frozen water This is so, because, as I am going to show you later, any action at a distance is based on the use of structural links in combination with orgone energy. In fact, the proof of this fundamental common functional principle of any action at a distance (call it shamanism, spiritual work, healing at a distance, or whatever you like) is extremely.

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Orgone energy is an alleged type of primordial cosmic energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) in the late 1930s. Reich was an Austrian immigrant to the U.S. who had been trained as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and Freudian psychoanalyst On Orgone energy: an introduction to how Orgonite works Before you ask how orgonite work, you need to know a little bit more about the Orgone energy. Civilizations have been talking about the Orgone energy ever since humans have begun to understand themselves and the world a little bit better Proof that Orgone Energy Exists? - A Live Streamed Talk by Philip Bennett, Ph.D. - April 24, 2021 at 3pm EDT Philip Bennett, Ph.D. discusses his article, Double-Blind Controlled Experiments and the Orgone Energy Accumulator, first published in Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science, December, 2011 Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy Radiating Devices. Dr. Wilhelm Reich is credited with coming up with the name Orgone Energy. Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus independently encountered the same energy and named it Eloptic energy because it also had certain electrical properties and optical properties

In this video we orgone energy research that was done by the University of Pennsylvania. Click Here to check out our special offers on orgonite EMF protectio.. Orgone energy was Wilhelm Reich's term for an omnipresent, life positive energy he claimed to have discovered in 1939. Reich often used 'orgone energy' as a catch-all to explain every natural phenomenon for which there was no conventional explanation (or for which Reich did not know there existed a conventional explanation), as a kind of a God of the gaps

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  1. We have no proof that any orgone energy was responsible for these spontaneous oscillations. And even if orgone energy really did exist, and really was responsible for the movement of the pendulum, this would in no way bolster the notion that orgone energy pulsates. Pendulums oscillate back and forth according to well-established laws of.
  2. g that there is something to it, the biggest barrier to being able to prove the existence of it is that it's so ill-defined. In order to prove it, you can't just claim that there is such an energy. You'd have to formulate the actual.
  3. Orgone Energy Research Often we are asked for proof of orgonite devices and their effectiveness. We have responded with gathering all the evidence and scientific studies that are hard to find on the censored internet landscape, and have put them together in a presentation called Orgone Energy Research
  4. Orgonite does its work on the etheric level rather than the electromagnetic level. Rather than reducing radiation, it is proposed that orgonite works because chaotic, imbalanced orgone energy is a by-product of EMFs. Orgonite does not clean up EMFs per se, rather it cleans up the disorganised, deadly orgone energy produced by it
  5. e with wonder and awe, yet without sure conviction. Psychology is [
  6. - planning of basic and advanced courses on the most relevant issues to the Association work such as medical and biophysical orgone-therapy, bions and Reich blood test, orgone biophysics, oranur reaction, and cloudbusting . The Associazione Italiana di Orgonomia has legal head office in Ragalna, via Rosario 9, 95030 Catania, Italy
  7. orgonite proof. How Saubhagya Overcame His Challenges With Therapy. TF 99 CE Prana Orgone Chi Generator With 20 Hz Frequency Setting For Crossfit & Fitness Training. Rated 0 out of 5 RAOPTC Orgonite Disc Double Energy Transfer Couple. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 69.00; Radionic Manifestation Program - Quantum Manifestation

[Proof] Orgone Generator (Orgonite) Bio Energy Test. How does Orgonite (Orgone Generator) work. Must Watch Before You Make Orgonite (Triskelion Coil, Intuition, Ancient Wisdom) Essential Crystals for Making REAL Orgonite that Actually Works. Orgonite Guide: How to Pick the Right One Orgonite is a man-made metaphysical substance that can be crafted from resin, metal shavings, and quartz.It is said to balance bio-energy, or a subtle life energy connecting and emitted by all living things.. This energy, Orgone, was discovered by Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.You might know it as Ch'i, Prana, or Aether. You might be familiar with the Freudian libido, the driving force. Orgone energy is the life force energy, what is orgone ?, orgonite are so POWERFUL ! THIS ENERGY which surrounds all life form when active. Orgone pyramids Naturally attracts Positive Etheric energy then converts the negative orgone into positive ions. Scalar wave attract orgone field of energy then converts it to negative io

We have no final ultimate proof that what we think to be true is the truth, however an increasing number of people notice positive changes right now. Mechanical principles. Given the absence of present scientific research surrounding the field of orgone energy and the denial of its existence by modern academics, it is very challenging to. The orgone life-energy is everywhere, and interacts with all kinds of materials, but only Reich's original orgone accumulator or orgone blanket with their layered construction makes optimal use of this discovery. The undocumented nonsense spread by the orgone lump junk promoters drags Reich's findings into a mystical swamp

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Since orgone energy is not yet defined, this is a rather circular definition. Bennett emphasized that 50% of Reich's work was done after the discovery of orgone energy, so there is a large body of hiss work focused on social and psychological studies. After the discovery of orgone energy, Reich integrated all his work showing how the movements. Orgonite refers to a mixture of semi-precious stones, quartz crystals, resin, and metals in a combination to balance the life force energy, which we also refer to as chi, prana, or orgone. This energy is the strongest cosmic energy there is and resonates with the global Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz

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Orgone Energy Scientific Method and brief history of Wilhelm Reich, his research and FDA suppression ; Watch Video . Shungite Orgonite for protection: Cell Phone Shields (Research Series - The Science of Orgone) Watch Video . Orgone Sleeping Pods shield against electromagnetic frequencies preventing you from going to sleep. Orgonite with Shungite is the ancient answer to the modern toxicity due to aggressive rollout of 5G networks. The most affecting to the human psyche is the bad EMF's emitted through routers phones, computers and smart meters.. This Orgonite Piece is an alliance of energy forces cumulated to neutralize harmful effects of bad EMF's including 5G technology and instead activate internal life force. The experiments of Reich, used by him as proof of the existence of orgone energy, fall into two categories. In the first category are those experiments that when duplicated, yield the same results as Reich reports, only by the use of a control experiment, the conclusions that Reich draws from his experiments are invalidated.. The p.e.bal stands for Pyramid Energy BALancer and is the most powerful device. It is designed to sit in your home or work place where it quietly generates a massive bubble-like field of balanced energy by moving and balancing large amounts of life-energy (Chi, Ki ,Prana, Orgone) How? The Nu-Me Skinny Pendant

As such, experiments appear to exist that are 'claimed' by Reich to proof the existence of orgone energy. If Reich indeed had formulated a coherent theory, and if such experimental outcomes would contrast with what is possible according to prevailing theory, then you could say orgone is a scientific concept Scalar energy comes from this infinite energy that the universe is made from but it's not something that's easily visible and it has only received serious scientific study in the last decade or so. Put simply scalar energy is the energy that exists in the spaces between everything else, in the vacuum of space and forms th Reich's orgone energy accumulators were in the form of square boxes which consisted of alternate layers of organic and metallic materials, such as cotton or cellulose and aluminum or iron. Reich's continuing experiments in this field disclosed that organic materials attract and collect orgone energy from the atmosphere

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This Orgone Energy Generator is made with 100% Certified Genuine Material making this a quality Orgonite product great for EMF protection as well as a fun decoration option. What to Look for When Purchasing Orgonite. Take the time to look at all the materials used. You want to ensure it is made of metals, quartz, and resin He called this life force orgone energy. Neurosis and physical disease, he maintained, arise from physiological blocking of its release in the living organism. They may not be put to the proof. Orgone is the energy that is present in all life forms including human body. Orgone was first discovered by Wilhelm Reich, a doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst from Austria. He observed orgone as omnipresent, and the basis of all life processes. Orgone energy sorrunds all life forms and flows through the universe Description Live Zoom video event Proof that Orgone Energy Exists? Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 3PM ET. Suggested Donation: $10 (but pay what you can conducts life force energy -living proof. now a huge one. a powerful orgone field in a field, so powerful that it brings the blood up to the skin, this is the same effect that wilhelm reich got in his totally enclosed healing boxes

Leading store for Orgonite, Orgone Zappers and related items since 2002. Orgonise Africa has also been at the forefront of environmental healing - orgone gifting - inspiring many to follow suit. Orgonise Africa has arguably the most complete collection of orgonite tools for sal It is life energy, also called Ch'i, Prana, Aether. This vital energy exists, in a natural way, under many different forms. It can be neutral (OR=orgone), positive (POR=positive orgone energy) or negative (DOR = deadly orgone energy). When positive, it enables living organisms to exist in a healthy state

Orgone is actually a rare form of orgone energy. It is said that only around 50% of the total orgone energy present on the planet actually exists on the ionosphere. However, the other half could exist in the same way that you do inside of a living being - it is only the combination of all the different elements present that makes them flow. Orgonics also makes orgone seed-chargers, blankets, vests, and very well-made orgone energy blankets, etc. Without question, this is the best source for orgone accumulators in the USA, made with excellent craftsmanship from the best-possible materials. Review their online website for more information. Or email to: Orgonics(at)aol.com Orgone Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ for Geocleanse Orgone Generators How Do I Use My Phone, Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors FAQ ? Frequently Asked Questions about Quantum Orgone Pendants An Explanation Of Orgone Energy. Orgone energy is another term coined by Wilhelm Reich for Life force Energy, otherwise known as Chi or Schumann Resonance

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Dec 26, 2015 - REAL PROOF! orgonite does not require belief or conscious attention in order to work ! They remove negative energy & Heal you. So How does orgone work Orgone Accumulator, a device sold in the 1950s to allow a person sitting inside to attract orgone, a massless 'healing energy'. The FDA noted that one purchaser, a college professor, knew it was phony but found it helpful because his wife sat quietly in it for four hours every day In 2015 I was guided toward Orgone Energy. From my first purchase, to commissioning someone to make them, then taking full creative control and responsibility. I saw something (Spiritually) in my first Orgone pendant. A connection, jewelry, art and a greater purpose. I searched all over the world online to see if anyone else saw it too. No one had

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Block EMF Radiation Improve Relationship Genuine Multi Tourmaline Crystals 100% Authentic Vibrative Stones Positive Energy Generator Lab Tested and Proven Made using Dr Reich's Technology Orgonite pyramid helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and aid strengthening your body by converting the low frequency into higher frequency energy that is more beneficial for life. The challenge here is for rational efforts to develop a system of documentation and evaluation that will provide proof of the cloudbuster's influence, and of the biophysical character of the orgone energy, in a form that can be understood by any open-minded scientist

The Orgone Energy Observatory, designed for Reich in 1948, has been entered in the National Register of Historic Places and visitors to the museum are introduced to Reich's life and work by a video presentation. Biographical materials, inventions, and equipment used in his pioneering experiments are exhibited, and Reich's library, personal. DR. JAMES DEMEO'S ORGONE & ETHER PRESENTATIONS FROM 2020 ESTC AVAILABLE NOW! The new 2020 PRESENTATIONS are: Cosmic Ether Exists: Implications To Modern Physics (Part 2) & Orgone Energy Experiments: Proof Of A Cosmic Life-Energy (Part 2) Go here to GET COPIES OF THE NEW PRESENTATIONS OR WATCH THE FREE PREVIEW EXCERP Feb 22, 2015 - Explore Pam Kelly's board orgone pyramid, followed by 159 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about orgonite, orgone energy, pyramids You have just felt life-energy & life-force (chi, prana, orgone, bioenergy), perhaps for the first time in your life !! Nerve endings are stimulated of the group of nerves that are most used. Most people feel gentle warmth, while highly kinetic people who have more than average dexterity feel the cool breeze

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YouTube — Alchemy Orgone May 11, 2012 This video will prove that orgone energy really really works. If you are skeptical please get an ion meter to prove it to yourself ! www.stores.ebay.co A Subreddit dedicated to the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and others, centered around various aspects of Orgone Energy as it manifests in psychology, biology, chemistry, meteorology and other scientific fields The Orgone energy in the atmosphere is very sensitive to certain kinds of disturbances and agitation. Much in the manner of living protoplasm, Orgone energy can be excited or irritated and certain environmental influences can drive it towards a toxic condition. If the energetic atmosphere in your home or neighborhood has been made toxic in this. Orgone is not part of the traditional Hertzian Electromagnetic spectrum (EM), taught in a science class(i.e., visible light, radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, infrared, UV, and gamma rays). It is an entirely different type of energy. Wilhelm Reich was not the first to discover this universal energy, though he is the first person to succeed in modern times to apply the discovery as he did. Metaphysics and Orgone: The Elusive 'God Particle' In these modern times, there has always existed a stark contrast between mainstream physics, (the study of matter, motion, energy and force) and the field known as metaphysics (the study of the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it)

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Two small energy cones have been on top of the fridge for a few weeks, so there's a well-established orgone energy field. My wife filled up the ice tray yesterday and this is what she found. I'm sharing these because this is the first time I've seen multiple stalagmites without the cone being directly over the ice tray, and inside the freezer. Ice Melts Faster! Proof of the scalar pendant ! PLEASE READ. 6 000-7000 ions. Place one ice cube on top of Scalar Energy Pendant and another on a plate. Note that the ice cube on top of Scalar Energy Pendant will melt faster than the one left on a plate stimulation in the orgone accumulator, the orgone energy motor and free energy, plus UFO research, book reviews, and much more, with color cover photos, text- photos and illustrations

The correlation is therefore no proof for Orgone-energy in my opinion. The To and Eo data however, are. Two years ago we started measuring electronically. Here, the boxes were made of glass. The To-box additionally had a light steel wool net. Both parts were put into a container that replaced the weather-hut, and, sheltered from rain and sun. Orgone Energy Broach Cheeky ~ Protects Against EMF Radiation ~ Enhances and Protects Ur Personal Energy Field Add to Favorites * Almost doubles personal energy field (see proof video) For Video Proof: See how Orgonite enhances your personal energy field in this brief video, below... (2-3 minutes In fact, the proof of this fundamental common functional principle of any action at a distance (call it shamanism, spiritual work, healing at a distance, or whatever you like) is extremely simple and you will gain the evidence of this whenever you decide to perform the orgone energy transfer test and, especially, whem performing the water. Can we build a solid proof about the fact produce negative ions? I saw some videos on youtube that strongly lack of credibility. Also, i noticed that orgoneenergy.org says Orgonite produce positive ions when Orgonium (a product they are selling), produce negative ions and are better for us in the long term Orgone healing safaris 2002-2018. We consider our orgone gifting expeditions as the best documented body of evidence for orgonite's efficacy. Orgonite harmonises large scale weather patterns and brings back natural rainfall when applied in sufficient quantities over large enough areas

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Basic to this scientist's understanding of the Universe was the pervasive presence of energy (which he termed orgone energy), implying the possibility of life in space. At this time, his questioning encompassed the galactic currents, the formation and destruction of star systems, and the origin of the Universe itself The healthy form of energy is known as POR (Positive Orgone Energy) and the stagnant one is DOR (Deadly Orgone). As we know, all orgone devices are made up of 50% polyester resin - 50% metal mix, metal - the inorganic factor in the orgonite products and crystal quartz He called this life force orgone energy. Neurosis and physical disease, he maintained, arise from physiological blocking of its release in the living organism. They may not be put to the proof. Orgonite Andy - Orgone Generator - 12 Small Red Rock Sedona Vortex Tower Buster Pucks - EMF Protection, Chakra Healing, Orgone Energy Accumulator (12 mini TB Pucks) 4.7 out of 5 stars 53 $43.9 energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified Geiger counter. Dr. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) would actually attract and collect orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (which Reic

Orgone energy is an idea which was proposed and promoted in the 1930s by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who originated the term to describe a universal life force. Beginning with a materialist concept of the Freudian libido, Reich ultimately came to see orgone as a massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous aether, but more closely. PROOF TEST - IONS. Health & Lifestyles! * Release far infrared rays or Neg Ion * Removal chlorine * Purified water . This 4in1 Shower Head contains 4 different types of nano ceramic balls to create this healthy experience,including Germanium, Far Infrared Ray and Tourmaline When I explain geoengineering and Orgone energy to others, I treat it the same as I would if I were reading one of those choose-your-own-adventure books, where several story outcomes are possible depending how you flip through the pages. There is a different process for each individual's understanding and outcome depending on the person's beliefs, education, and societal programming, their. Proof of Orgone Energy Part 1. View now. Proof of Orgone Energy Part 1. The LM4 is used to measure the Life Energy of bakers yeast growing in a test tube using time lapse photography . The Life Energy Field Meter. The Life Energy Field Meter responds mainly to the presence of living organisms, and also more weakly to liquid water, and to.

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Psychiatric orgone therapy is a type of psychiatric treatment pioneered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Wilhelm Reich The basic principle of this treatment is the establishment of the orderly flow and metabolism of energy in the body. In this type of treatment, the clinician tries to establish the flow of energy in a way that [ ORGONE energy charges DSLR camera BATTERY in 30 sec !!! Kirlian photography of aluminium orgonite [2010 Feb EW] Busting Signal Jamming With Orgonite [2011 May] More Visible Proof Of Orgonite's Benefits To The Wearer . Fishing [2011/2012 EW] Orgonite In Southern Sudan [2011 Aug. Africa] MIRACLE CAUSED BY ORGONITE IN NYAKEORE, KISII COUNTY

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This Love Attracting Pyramid is based on the universal principle that 'Like Seeks Like'. I have put a lotta Love into this pyramid, both thru energetic Reiki intentions and symbols such as the color red and rosebuds. The symbol on the outside is a Reiki symbol called Cho Ku Rei. Cho Ku Rei i You have just felt life-energy & life-force (chi, prana, orgone, bioenergy), perhaps for the first time in your life !! Nerve endings are stimulated of the group of nerves that are most used. Most people feel gentle warmth, while highly kinetic people who have more than average dexterity feel the cool breeze

A couple of years before that, this was the nuke where we got definitive proof that orgonite puts out more healthy orgone in the presence of ambient poisonous energy. Carol was nearly blinded by the 'bright blue blobs' of orgone that were suddenly flowing out of my orgonite-loaded truck as she followed behind me in the car, driving on the. orgone energy proof, how to make orgone, orgone generator machine, orgone energy devices, orgone energy fields, orgone energy debunked, orgone accumulator, snopes orgone accumulator, orgone mirrors, kozyrev mirrors. Order orgone mask. More information about Orgone Mask will be available soon. Official The Biointernet Mask websit

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Naturopaths I am a Naturopath in the United States. I have used the Orgone Effects Geoclense technology for over 7 years. I have been very impressed and pleased with the beneficial effect it has had on my clientele. The energy change in the environment when the Geoclense technology is applied is nothing short of ama Apr 18, 2018 - Explore John Pearson's board Orgone on Pinterest. See more ideas about free energy, sacred geometry, tesla coil Orgonite HHG - This is the classical Don Croft HHG, the first orgone generator that was used for gifting cellphone towers until the orgone warriors realised that it's sheer orgone overkill. We still make it with 5 single terminated quartz crystal Dude, your 'proof' is weak. When you walked to the cell phone tower adn then the humming stopped was not due to the resin ball in your hand. Those tower cycle and the hum you heard was just the tower doing its normal cycle. My Orgone energy/Orgonite testimony. I bought some small ones from Sherry S. about 5 years ago. I gifted most of them. Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, and UFOs Peter Robbins at the Third Annual Crash and Retrieval Symposium Dateline: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 by Peter Robbins Author and UFO Investigator What do they want for Proof? There is no proof. There are no authorities whatsoever

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Orgone.org is attempting to negotiate with the author rights to sell the book in the United States, as it is certainly a book that should be in the library of anyone who is in the least bit interested in the science that is the foundation of understanding Dr. Reich's discovery of orgone energy The orgone accumulator (ORAC) is an invention of Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich which he developed along with his orgone-hypothesis while residing in the United States approximately from 1939 on.The orgone accumulator is a device which will be used to passively collect a hypothetical orgone energy from its environment and concentrate it In fact, the proof of this fundamental common functional principle of any action at a distance (call it shamanism, spiritual work, healing at a distance, or whatever you like) is extremely simple and you will gain the evidence of this with the orgone energy transfer test and, especially, with the water optimizer test orgone will transform the energy around you.----Please scroll down to view our pyramids ---LARGE PYRAMIDS. Ingredients: 3 coiled copper, Real 24k Gold leaf, quartz beads, pointed quartz, scrap metals, & jumble stones, copper, mini crystal's. the prices may vary because of the ingredient which are in the different orgones He called this device an orgone energy accumulator. Within the box-like enclosure, the orgone energy given off by an inside metal wall is attracted to the opposite metal wall which again repels it. This creates an oscillation of the orgone energy particles inside. The layering of organic material with metal creates a higher concentration

Gold and Lapis Pyramidorgone zapper kills parasites, harmful bacteria and virusesWorking Anti-gravity, Free Energy & Time-DisplacementJU 99 CE Prana Chi Orgone Generator With 7
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