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  1. The trick with Winn grips is to use a lubricant when blowing them on,or off with a compressor. A squirt of varsol,down into the shaft before the air gun is applied, will aerosol and lubricate the inside of the grip and the shaft surface.I So instead of instant use you will have to wait an hour
  2. If you want to remove and reuse the Winn grips, I would recommend using the v grip remover and maybe a little compressed air after you get the tape released, I think that is the method that is least likely to damage the grip
  3. Once the nozzle is positioned, a blast of air blows the grip from the tape and allows it to be removed. From what I've seen, however, it's a method used more to quickly remove and discard grips than to save them. That's because oftentimes the grip will burst in the process
  4. #1) All Winn Grips can only be installed with tape & solvent. You cannot use an air compressor to install them, as they will likely be damaged. #2) If using pre-cut tape strips, remember to remove the wax paper from BOTH sides of the tape #3) Use plenty of solvent to lubricate the grip and shaf
  5. Remove your Winn grip from its plastic wrapper if you have not done so already. There is a small hole at the end of the grip as well as the larger mouth or lip; place your finger over the small hole at the butt end of the grip

Anyone know how to remove and reuse a winn dri tac grip

  1. The Winn Grip & Reelseat Removal Machine is created and Winn began to open up multiple Service Centers featuring this innovative new machine that takes the hassle out of removing both old grips as well as Reel Seats. 2016 Winn introduces the Winn Rod Handle System for both Spinning and Casting
  2. Save your money and use a poor man's golf club grip remover to save that grip! Easy way to remove a golf club grip from a shaft without damaging the grip. Al..
  3. Winn is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer golf grips to golfers. Its pursuit of the most technologically advanced golf grips mirrors Winn's pioneering efforts in fishing rods, tennis, and bicycle grips and wraps. Read Mor
  4. Wet a portion of your clean towel lightly with water or rubbing alcohol only. Do not use any other type of cleaning product. Step 2 Hold your club by the shaft in one hand and gently rub the length of the grip with the moist side of the towel

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Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Winn Grips Pro Staffer, Russ Lane, on replacing cork fishing rod grips with Winn Grips Remove the old grip by inserting the hooked utility knife under the grip and cutting the grip away from the body to avoid injury. Be careful not to nick the shaft. Remove any underlying grip tape..

Insert the spring-rod grip remover tool beneath the rim of the grip and work it under the material by twisting it along with the wrapping of the grip. Do not push too hard, as this may tear the grip. Squeeze solvent into the space created by the grip removal tool between the club and the grip 1 Secure rod into vice using a rubber clamp.. 2 Measure and cut double sided tape to desired length. Tape should be 1/4 pass the butt end. Apply to rod blank. Twist and tuck excess tape. 3 If needed, ream inside diameter of grip to fit snug to rod blank.. 4 Lubricate tape and inside of grip with mineral spirits.. 5 To install, start on slight angle below the rod and push on to rod blank

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  1. Winn Grips can be installed either on a new rod build or after removal of a pre-existing rod grip assembly. To secure the grip components to the rod blanks, the standard convention is with the use of epoxy glue
  2. eral spirits on accident with the sharp needle. Instead, I found a tool on The Golfworks that gets the job done for a reasonable price, and is completely safe to use..
  3. Hi, I have the Huntington Beach#4 with the oversized grip. https:// www. clevelandgolf. com. au / en _ AU / clubs / huntington-beach-4-putter / MHB4. html. It's 35 inch but I need to take an inch off it. It's almost new so I'd like to just reuse the grip - any tips on removing the grip without damaging it
  4. If removing grips from a motorcycle with a twist throttle, its easiest to poke a hole in the end of the throttle grip, and use the screwdriver inwards (opposite of the way described above. don't crack the throttle twist! Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

Browse the entire selection of Winn Golf Grips from DICK'S Sporting Goods to choose the right grip for your game. Shop all styles of Winn golf grips today If you check out the Winn Grips website, they explain all about how, their superior polymer grip technology puts control and comfort in the angler's hand while providing a tacky sure-grip security even in cold and wet conditions. Winn has developed patented multiple polymer compounds that are tackier, more shock absorbent, and more. // STEP 1 - REMOVE THE OLD GRIP. Removing the old grip may require the use of a hook blade or knife. Remember to always cut AWAY from you, to avoid injury. Once you've sliced through the grip, you should be able to pull the old grip off fairly easily. Working with golf clubs, it helps tremendously to use a vice and shaft clamp to head the club. Winn Grips 3PK1SRGS Reel Grip Sleeve 6pk - Straight Profile,Black/Red. 4.4 out of 5 stars 23. $23.11 $ 23. 11 $26.99 $26.99. Get it as soon as Mon, Apr 19. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices $22.79 (4 new offers) Winnwinn Fishing 44 Inch Overwrap Lime Camo Fishing Rod Wrap Tape

One of the best ways to clean golf grips is by using grip cleaning wipes that are available on the market for about $5.99. By following one simple step, you can easily clean the grip of golf clubs using the golf club cleaning wipes. Firstly, remove the wipes from the packet and then reseal the package for using again in the future Winn Dri-Tac Putter Grips. Starting at. 8.9900 $8.99 Color. The GolfWorks WN0147. Favorite. Winn NTP Pistol 1.10 Putter Grips. Starting at. 15.9900 $15.99 Color. The GolfWorks WN0141. Favorite. Winn Dri-Tac X Pistol Putter Grips. Starting at. $9.99. 5.9900 $5.99 Color. The GolfWorks WN0041. If you know how to clean golf club grips, you can have the taste of feeling like using a new grip. Cleaning the golf pride grips is more comfortable, and there are several ways to do that. Generally, the golf club grips attract dirt, chemicals, and other elements. All the elements make the grip look dirty and uncomfortable for the rounds a very good grip, these are the only grips i buy, they are soft and tacky enough even when wet. though prices are a bit high these grips are well worth it, i have been using these grips on me woods and decided to covert my whole set and it has made a big difference in my game. try to get these on sale if possible. luckily it was part of the add-on program when i got them and i got it at a. Now just use these tools and the following instructions to fix your fishing grips: Part One: Remove the Old, Damaged Grip. In order to repair your damaged EVA grip, you have to start by removing the old grip and its residue. Step 1: Cut Grip Lengthwise. Begin by cutting the EVA grip lengthwise with the razor blade

Michael Breed, host of 'The Golf Fix,' shows how easy it is to remove a worn grip and replace it with a new one. Download our instruction app from iTunes or Google pla Clean off remains of old tape. Then wrap the double-back tape in an upward spiral, starting about 1/2 from where the low end of the grip will be. 4. After removing backing from tape, hold the new grip open-end with a finger covering the hole at the opposite end Moderate skinny Needle and solvent, push the needle through the grip until you hit the shaft, then inject a little, repeat in a few spots and work the grip around. When the grip twists, you've broken the adhesive

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V-Groove Grip Remover. A great tool for removing grips. The v-shape provides a channel to funnel solvent to where you need it most, loosening the tape, and it also strengthens the tool to give you some leverage to work the grip loose. If you are removing the grip to butt trim or extend the shaft, you can re-use the grip after using this tool Winn putter grips are an example of a two-piece grip allowed by the USGA (United States Golf Association). Installing the grips requires some equipment and does take some additional time, but the more you do it, the easier it is. Remove the tape above the lower grip. Step 6 Winn. Other. Grip Type. Junior Grips (0) Ladies Grips (0) Midsize Grips (0) Oversize Grips (0) Standard Grips (0) Undersize Grips (0) Grip Removal. Sort By. Remove filters . Showing the single result. Grip Remover Needle. Login or Register to view price! 0161 767 9666; sales@northern-golf.com. I like Winn grips, in use. They're light, very comfortable, and provide a secure grip when wet. And, they are interesting in appearance. All positive attributes. But, they are difficult to fit and install. I've put them on four rods so far. I've bought grips for seven

Winn Standard Golf Grips. Close to View Results Filter. Hide Filters Show Filters Brand Winn (13) Sort By: 1; 2; Next Add to Cart. Compare Compare Items. Winn Dri-Tac LT Less Tapered Standard Grips - Black / Grey. £8.75 £12.99. Winn. Add to Cart. Compare. Winn Grip Excelgtfo. 90+% of aftermarket grips I see on the course are Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2Gs. I NEVER see a cord grip on the course and have seen the Iomic grips on the course once in my entire life and the guy playing them said they were the single biggest waste of money and in his bag. This list is hot garbage Winn grips are the real deal, but they are a PITA to work with. Very difficult to ream without damaging the thin skin. Particularly the longer elliptical rear grips. I've had to toss out two and order replacements. Makes them quite expensive. I will no longer be installing any of those longer than 8.5 Winn Golf Grips. Winn Golf Grips is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer golf grips to golfers. Winn Golf Grips its pursuit of the most technologically advanced golf grips. Winn Golf Grips facilitate the learning, enjoyment and performance level of participants at every level - in every field it enters

How to Remove a Golf Grip without Damage or Cutting (Poor

To re-grip golf clubs, start by cutting down the length of the old grip with a utility knife so you can peel it off. Then, once the old grip is off, remove any tape that's leftover on the shaft. Next, apply new double-sided tape over the same area where the old tape was, and spray some grip solvent over the new tape Winn Lite Firm Grip - Black. £10.99 £9.99 £12.99. WINN. Sale. Quick view Add to Cart. Compare Compare Items. Winn Dri-Tac Dry Ladies Grip Grey. £10.99 £7.99 £10.99. WINN. Sale. Quick view Add to Cart. Compare Compare Items. Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Dry Ladies Grip Grey. Welcome to Speedy Grip Tools!Premium Grip installation and removal tools for the Golf Industry. The fastest and easiest way to remove and install grips, using the Speedy Grip™ golf club making air tools. The Speedy Grip is ultimate air powered grip installer and remover tool Regular grip-cleaning helps remove dirt, sweat, and oils from our hands, sunscreen residue or spilled beer or anything else that might get in the way of having a proper hold on the golf club. As with cleaning the clubheads, there are a couple of ways to clean your golf grips. You can simply wipe them down with a moist cloth, then dry with a. Start by dipping a pad or washcloth in the warm water and then scrub your grips with them. Do this for as long as needed (usually a minute for each golf club is perfect). Get all the debris and residue off of them before rinsing down. Then, grab another bucket or use a hose and rinse it in soap free water to eliminate any remaining soap

If you're looking to re-grip your golf clubs, shop Hurricane Golf for a vast selection of discount golf grips from your favorite brands. Remove This Item Category: Discount Golf Grips; Clear All. Filter. Brand. JumboMax (10) NO1 Winn Dri-Tac X Grips. Regular Price: $7.19 . Special Price $4.99 . View Details. Winn Dri-Tac Lite Grips. I got seriously weary of constantly replacing grips. Most of the time the wear and tear was from the oils and sweat that was left on my clubs in the Florida sun and heat. I re gripped with Winn grips and began to use this product after every round. They do a great job of keeping the tack on the grips as well as removing the dirt left behind Winn Non-Taper Putter Grips. Close to View Results Filter. Hide Filters Show Filters Brand Winn (14) Sort By: 1; 2; Next Add to Cart. Compare Compare Items. Winn NTP 1.10 Non-Taper Midsize+ Pistol Putter Grip - Red. £14.95 £21.99. Winn. Add to Cart. Compare. For my hand size I went with a Winn Jumbolite Pistol grip. The tapered grip is way more comfortable for me than the straight edge SS grips. I'm in love with it. It has helped me out tremendously with keeping my grip right and removing the flicka da wrisssssttt Our very top pick for the best golf club grips are these Winn golf grips! These are the Winn DRITAC grips. These are some of the best midsize golf grips you can get. Midsize grips like this are just slightly larger than standard golf club grips. These are 1/16 larger in diameter compared to the base standard size of grips. Expand To See Mor

A more obvious reason is monetarily. Graphite shafts can be quite expensive; some costing several hundred dollars each (at least from a retail price, not necessarily a production cost). Many golfers will go out and purchase a new driver only to find out they don't particularly like the stock shaft that came with the driver or they will read on the internet or in a golf magazine that a new. Here is a chance to get 3 different Standard sized Ping Putter golf grips! There are 3 total putter grips included in this lot! You will receive 1 Red/ Black Ping grip made by Winn(off of aIN Putter. 1 Grey/Red Ping Winn grip(off of aScottsdale putter) and 1 Grey cord putter grip(off of anAnser putter) All these golf grips that came from a local golf shop( see pictures Winn (17) Lamkin (10) Flat Cat Golf (7) Gt Golf Supplies (3) Launch Designworks (2) J&M Golf (2) Tacki Mac (1) Superstroke (1) Pure Grip (1) Gender. Mens (2) Department. Clear all. Repair. Repair (67) Category. Clear all. Grips. Type. Colors. Style. Grip Size. Sale. Price Ranges $ $ Go Grip Removal; Grip Solvents & Cleaners; Grip Tape; Sanding Belts; Finishing Belts; Sanding Sleeves; Cutting Wheels; Repairs; Contact ; 24 HRS (800) 568-3868; grips-winn. Home / Products tagged grips-winn.

For those who want oversize grips that are soft on the hands, the Winn Excel Oversize Golf Grip Set of 13 is a reasonably priced choice. With these grips, you won't have to use as much force to keep the club from twisting. For grips with moisture-wicking capabilities, we like the Wedge Guys MM Performance Golf Grip Set. These 13 grips are. Get to grips with the best grips for golf clubs, from firm to soft and everything in between Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter By Aimée Bradshaw Last updated 2021-01-22T12:21:30 Winn Putter Golf Grips Winn is a premier name in golf club grips. Winn offers a wide array of putter grips to personalize your flat stick for the feel and feedback you prefer. Golf grips are easy and fast to replace. Most anyone can do an entire set of clubs in one hour or less. The feel of new grips is almost like having a new set of clubs This is the heavy-duty version of the Lexa series, with stainless steel drive and pinion gears, a 7-bearing (6+1) system consisting of 2 Corrosion-Resistant Ball Bearings plus roller bearing for the Dual Stopper Infinite Anti-Reverse, and an oversized Winn grip custom handle knob

Easier to use than shrink tubing this Winn Rod Wrapping/Grips is simply applied straight to the blank or will work just as well on top of EVA / Duplon handles. Each wrap is 1.1mm thick and has a self adhesive backing. They are 8 feet long and this covers about 32 inches (800 mm) when wrapped around a 1 inch diameter ( 25.4mm). Available in 3 popular sizes, Medallist, Midsize, and Jumbo. These models have been market winners for more than 15 years. Great feel with a conservative look Remove This Item Category: Discount Golf Grips; Remove This Item Brand: Winn; Clear All. Filter. Brand. Winn (12) Price. $0.00 - $9.99 (11) $10.00 and above (1) Winn Discount Golf Grips. Sort By. Set. Black Widow Grips WRX Club Techs GolfWRX. Black Widow Signature Grips. Black Widow Signature Grips. Black Widow Widow Maker. Boccieri Golf Grips The GolfWorks. Bracketron RWA-202-BL Golf Cart Cup Holder. Bracketron RWA-458-BL Golf Cart Mount with. Brand New Piece Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Knife Set Including Winn Grips | Winn is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer grips to golfers and fishermen. Comfortable, slip-resistant grips that reduce stress on hands and body

Although, the grip tape or solvent is not included with the Winn excel midsize grips. Furthermore, a golf vice and a hooked replacement tool are needed to install the grip with the club. More surprisingly, the Winn grip comes with a set of 9 or 13 suits all clubs on the golf bag, available at a reasonable price Winn Premium Fishing Grips. Winn is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer rod grips to fishermen. Its pursuit of the most technologically advanced rod grips mirrors Winn's pioneering efforts in golf, tennis, and bicycle grips and wraps. Winn grips facilitate the learning, enjoyment and performance level of participants at every level However, never scrub your grips so hard you remove the roughened grip material. Step 3. Rinse with lukewarm water and allow the grips to air dry, or dry them with a towel. Sanding the Grips. Step 1. Rub the grips with low- to medium-grit sandpaper. Experiment with low-grit sandpaper first to see if it is adequate before moving to rougher sandpaper

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Remove This Item Category: Winn; Clear All. Filter. Grip Size. If you have watched them re-grip your clubs and thought I can do that myself you are in the right place. Diamond Tour Golf has a huge selection of golf club grips for every club and golfer. Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips. $9.59 As low as: $6.99 . View Details. Winn Pro X 1.18. Pure Grips Winn Winn Winn Swing Grips Winn Putter Grips Super Stroke Super Stroke Super Stroke Swing Grips Super Stroke Putter Grips PUTTERS PUTTERS putters Evnroll Gauge Design Compare Remove All Products. Rating. Description. Collection. Availability. Product Type. SKU Winn grips - New Old Stock. These deteriorate over time so I am listing them as for parts only. They are visibly cracking, flaking or sticking to wrapper. Some use the underlistings for their own DIY wraps. Didn't want to throw them out if someone could use them Winn Grip Straight Sleeves - Red/Black SKU: 2657311. Click to display additional attributes for the product This SKU table contains a list of all SKUs available for the product. You can filter the list of items shown by selecting attributes. Customer Reviews.


Grip Removal; Shafts; Tape; Tools; Categories. Arthritic Grips; Budget Grips; Eaton Golf Pride Grips; Iron Grips; Lamkin Grips; Putter Grips; Training Grips Winn. Other. Grip Type. Junior Grips (0) Ladies Grips (0) Midsize Grips (0) Oversize Grips (0) Standard Grips (0) Undersize Grips (0) Grips. Sort B Cork Rings For Rod Building. Turn and shape your own custom grips with our wonderful selection of cork rings! Choose from multiple grades of cork, composite and wood rings, all with various color options (great for checkerboard handles) at the lowest prices on the web How can I extend the life of my golf grips? Routinely cleaning each grip with mild dishwashing detergent can add longevity to your grips. For cord and rubber/synthetic grips, use a soft abrasive brush. For softer, wrap-style grips, use a soft wash cloth. After scrubbing, thoroughly rinse the grip in warm water to remove excess soap residue

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Now with the grip already removed place the butt end of the shaft over the screw (the shaft is now locked in place). Holding the Uneekscraper at a 25-30 degree angle, to the shaft, your hand will be higher than the cutting edge, push the tape off the shaft (this pushing motion, if properly done, should be away from the body toward your felt pad. REMOVE THE OLD GRIP Using a straight blade or stripper, remove the old grip. Be sure to cut away from yourself at all times. Peel or scrape off the old grip and grip tape To remove it, take a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel attached and cut into the grip parallel with the rod blank. Be very careful not to cut all the way thorough the grip and into the rod blank. Take a screwdriver or other flat blade and pry the grip material apart to remove it. The grip may come apart in pieces

Delivering all of the power and performance that anglers have come to expect from the Lexa series, the Daiwa Lexa WN 300 & 400 Casting Reels offer even more comfort and control with the addition of custom Winn Grip handles. Built to handle just about anything, the Daiwa Lexa WN 300 & 400 Casting Reels utilize Getting back to Winn grips, I have had an interesting few days. As I suspected, all double-sided tapes are not equal, it turns out that there is only one tape that Winn supplies in its Winn golf grips kits: Intertape 591. So I have a roll on order; you know it is not widely available Golf grip tape goes under the grips, and needs to be removed before attaching your new grips. After removing the grip tape, it's suggested that you scrub the shaft of the club with a sponge or a steel wool using mineral spirits or another metal safe cleaner. We will give you a couple of recommendations for grip tape here, too Golf components and custom golf clubs are our specialty at ValueGolf.com. We are the premier online suppliers of golf club components, including iron heads, driver heads, shafts, grips, clubmaking supplies and other parts for sale Winn Dri-Tac X MidSize Pistol Putter Grip Blue/Black. £14.99 £9.49 £14.99. WINN. Sale. Quick view Add to Cart. Compare Compare Items. WinnPro X 1.18 Diameter Putter Grip Blue. £22.99 £14.99 £22.99. WINN. Sale. Quick view Add to Cart. Compare.

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If you decrease the weight of the average grip by 50% you will increase the swing weight by about 7 points. This is the same as removing a heavy golf glove if you use a glove - which might as well.. MCC Plus4 New Decade Multi Compound Golf Grip Key features. Wide length can be a fit for every player. More surface quality ensures better grip holding. The tension of hands is removal by the lighter grip pressure. Strongest gripping confirms better strokes. Remaining steadiness gives perfect strokes every time Grips are meant to cover the very core of your paddle—usually pallets made of wood, plastic, a molded foam base, etc. They are made of thick materials and are meant to entirely replace the grip your paddle came with (meaning you would take the original grip off and wrap the base with the new grip). Overgrips are meant to go on top of your. Save grip $2.00; Re-size Grip (Remove & Install) $4.00; Re-attach loose head $10.50 each; Re-attach loose ferrule (unless head needs removed) $4.50 each; Shorten Club (plus price of new grip) $1.50 each each; Shorten Club (save grip & install) $5.00 each; Lengthen Club (save grip & install) $10.00 each; Lengthen Club (plus price of new grip. Studio Design Grip - Black. $37.00 . Learn More. Add To Cart. Scotty Cameron Putter Care Cloth. $8.95 . Learn More. Add To Cart. License Plate Frame - Scotty Cameron Fine Milled Putters. $32.00 . Learn More. Add To Cart. Weight Removal Tool - Bright Dip Red. $48.00 . Learn More. Add To Cart. Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool. $12.00 . Learn More. Add.

The CP2 is the softest high-performance grip by Golf Pride. To the touch, players notice the comfortable high traction tacky surface texture. Vibrations from off-center hits are absorbed almost instantly. A unique 2.5 inner core stabilizes the club. Instead of feeling the shaft through the grip, your swing will be solid all the way through Need to replace the grip on your golf clubs? Discover a premium selection of golf club grips at the lowest prices guaranteed Arccos Caddie Smart Grips allow users to seamlessly connect any set of clubs to the award winning Arccos Caddie app, featuring: Automatic Shot Tracking, A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder, Club Smart Distances, Advanced Analytics and A.I. Caddie Advice, helping golfers improve faster & shoot lower scores

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SuperStroke putter grips& club grips have been used to earn more than $500 million in major championships and PGA Tour events Three proprietary PING grip designs - PP60, PP61, PP62 -- allow you to dial in your optimal fit and feel. The PP60 is midsize and lightweight, designed to fit the contours of the hands with flats on the top and sides

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Cleaning a Winn Grip. Because Winn grips have absorbent properties, they may eventually soil from dirt and perspiration from your hands. This does not affect the performance of the grip. To clean a Winn grip, apply a small amount of water or rubbing alcohol to a soft towel, and gently rub the grips. Do not saturate the towel As the original grip from Winn, this Excel wrap has been selling strong for many years. Its longtime popularity is not only explained by its amazing tackiness and comfortable feel, but also its classic leather look. Color: BLACK Core size: .600 Round Weight: 42 grams Installed Size: Standar With its 66 length and narrower width, the Winn® Slim Grip Rod Overwrap is ideally sized to cover the handles of your split-grip bass or walleye rods, or short-grip models such as pistol-grip and ultralight rods. This premium textured polymer tape goes on easily to provide a cushioned, nonslip hold regardless of the weather, enabling precise. Removing and installing grips is so easy that I cannot believe there is a market for these. 4 minutes per grip from off to on is about standard for most grips. Most tape peels right off with a simple Wagner heat gun

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This listing is for(1) Winn Pro X 1.6 jumbo putter grip that is blue and black in color. The grip is 1.6 in diameter and weighs 98 grams according to Winn. The grip was professionally removed from a putter after only a few rounds of use and then the core was carefully cleaned of any tape or residue. The grip will install and play like a new grip Golf grip tape to build up the grips You betcha! While it's definitely cheaper to build up the grips with masking tape (and recommended) you can use double sided tape. Now, here's where I would advise you to have the 2 inch tape regardless if using masking or golf grip tape Winn DRI-TAC Dark Gray oversize Golf Grips - New 7Dt-dg. Condition is New Winn DRI-TAC Dark Gray Oversize Golf Grips - New 7LtDt-dg. Condition is New That is the LOWEST PRICE ALLOWED by Winn! and all are authentic and Original Ones. The Winn Dri-Tac line of grips are the next generation of feel! As the name suggests, they are tacky in all. Winn DuraTech Golf Grips. As low as €7.85. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Add to Basket. Winn DriTac Golf Grips. As low as €7.25. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Add to Basket. View as Grid List. Items 1-12 of 64. Page. You're currently reading page 1; Remove This Item. Go to Wish List

Winn Grips Site Redesign on BehanceWinn Golf Dri-Tac Midsize Grip | RockBottomGolfThe Superior Performance of MHX Fishing Grips - fishmhxWinn Straight Taper 1Winn Grips Superior Rod Wrap Contour | Contour, Step by

A wholesale golf grip and component distributor for over 30 years, we are suppliers of such names as Winn, Pure, Lamkin, Golf Pride, Aldila, UST, Grafalloy and True Temper. We also carry a large inventory of shop supplies such as grip tape, ferrules, shaft extenders, soft golf shoe spikes, grip solvent and golf tees in both bagged and bulk. Golf Pride VDR Black Grip kit - 13 grips, clamp, solvent, tape, towel The VDR offers an exceptional combination of high performance texture, striking appearance, and an innovative new vibration dampening rubber material providing a 30 percent reduction in high frequency vibrations versus a standard rubber grip The Winn Excel 7715W Oversize is ideal for players with large hands. Senior players prefer the exceptionally soft, comfortable feel with noticeable grip compression and incredible shock absorption. It is lightweight, which reduces overall clubweight and lowers the balance point, increasing clubhead speed and feel Grips 24 hour turnaround time when in stock Winn starting at $7.00 each Winn Oversize starting at $10.00 each Rubber starting at $8.00 each Rubber Oversize starting at $10.00 each Cord starting at $13.00 each Super Stroke putter grips starting at $35.00 each Brand Name grips starting at $8.00 each Callaway * Ping * Nike * Cobra * TaylorMade.

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