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If you have a jailbroken PS3 (runs CFW), you can run a program that is called Multiman. Using this homebrew program, you can rip your PS3 disc based games to.. The Sony Playstation 3 is one of the best gaming consoles ever produced till date, with several features that include a 3.2 GHz CPU, a 320 GB hard drive, and a top-of-the-line graphics card. What sets it apart is the range of PlayStation 3 (PS3) games, which are mind-boggling and severely addictive to say the least Using an External PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade An external PS3 hard drive upgrade will allow you to back up your entire PS3 ([Settings]> [System Settings]> [Backup Utility]>Back Up), but if you don't have one already it is a large extra investment for something that you will only do once You can use an AC powered external hard drive or a flash drive as the backup drive. The backup drive for PS3 has to be formatted with FAT32. You can use Disk Management or DiskPart.exe in Windows or Disk Utility in Mac OS to format your backup drive to FAT32

[How To] Copy PS3 Games To Internal Or External USB Hard

  1. Open the hard drive on the 'My Computer' section in your PC, and create folders there called, 'PICTURE', 'MUSIC', 'VIDEO', and 'GAME' (These folders need to be created in capital letters, and their names should correspond with those on your PS3)
  2. This tutorial aims to show you how to easily take your disc based PS3 games and back them up using multiMAN. This also covers several other methods of transf..
  3. PlayStation 3 owners can transfer data to an external USB hard drive using the console's Backup Utility. PlayStation Vita players can back up their games and saves to a PS3 or PC using the PS Vita..
  4. You can't install games on external USB drives. Games will only run off of the internal hard drive. You can replace the internal hard drive. It will take any standard SATA 2.5 (laptop-sized) drive
  5. The ps3 is formatted with FAT32, so to use an external hard drive straight out of the box, it has to also be pre-formatted with FAT32. You can get an NTFS formatted drive, it's just a matter of reformatting on your PC. If you've ever found that your ps3 wont recognize external hard drive, it's because it's not FAT32
  6. A USB hard disk can also be used to back up data and will appear under the icon when connected. Note however that the disk must be formatted in the FAT32 file system to be recognized by the PS3™ system. Backed up data will be saved in the [PS3] - [EXPORT] - [BACKUP] folder. The folders are created automatically

Another way to enlarge PS3 storage space is adding a PS3 external hard drive, which is also the easiest way. You just need to buy a PS3 external hard drive, format it to FAT32 (it is the only file system supported by PS3), and then connect it to your PS3 console I don't mean RUN them from an external harddrive, but just storing them on it so I can copy them to my PS3. With the PS3 store shutting down soon, I expect the ability to download my bought games might disappear in the future and I wanna know how I can keep a safecopy of my games Attach the hard drive to the PlayStation 3. To do so, connect the hard drive's USB cable to the PS3's USB port. The PS3's USB ports are on the front side of the console.

How to Copy PS3 Games to a Hard Drive - Tech Spirite

  1. Hi guys, Tech James here,For this video, I'll show you guys how to make a copy/backup of a PS3 Disk game on your USB/HDD or PS3 internal HDD. You must have C..
  2. Navigate to Game on the XMB, then move down to Saved Data Utility (PS3). Select it, then move down to the game you want to backup the saves for. Press triangle on your controller and select the..
  3. Theoretically, you back PS3 hard drive up to the external hard drive and later restore the backup image from the external drive. Connect the external hard drive to your PS3. Using the Backup Utility: Go Settings box > System Settings > press cross-like button to enter in. Go Backup Utility and press aformentioned button to enter
  4. Your best bet is to buy the largest possible 2.5 5400 RPM internal hard drive for your PS3. Do NOT go with a hard drive with a spin speed faster than 5400 (such as 7200), as it will overheat your PS3 and ruin it. I had it happen to me after 3 hours of gameplay on the new hard drive
  5. Hi,i was wondering if i can play or at least install games from external usb drive to ps3 hard drive.My model is late slim cech-3004b so i cant jailbroke it.I have han installed and i dont want to do pkg method cause i am lazy Also is there any kind of backup manager like multiman for han ps3

You can also backup digital PSN games and some you can even convert into ISO to mount from an external hard drive, but compatibility is not guaranteed and it varies from game to game. I'd be more than happy to help you out, and I'm sure others will as well, regarding backing up any games you own once you get a PS3 with either CFW or HEN on it The PS3 backup utility is buried in the system menu on the PS3 Xross Media Bar and it is about as bare-bones as a backup utility can get. It simply copies everything from the PS3's internal hard drive to an external hard drive of your choosing. Or at least that's what I thought How to install and run your PS3 games off an external hard drive in both NTFS and FAT32 formats.PS3 Jailbreak Tutorial Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/play.. i got ps3 HEN enabled i have multiman and webman installed in that i want to copy a game from my internal hdd of ps3 or disc to External usb pendrive/harddrive i want to have its copy and use it in my gaming PC in rpcs3 ps3 emulator to explore my PC capabilities i followed below YT video to read NTFS usb drive in my ps3

The folder PS3_UPDATE in each game is optional and you can omit it. For PSN games, create a folder x:\GAMEI On PS3 enable external gameDATA using gameDATA application or webMAN MOD's combo SELECT+SQUARE, then install PSN games. The games will be installed on FAT32 under GAMEI Choose the external harddrive to backup to and hit X. 10. Now the backup process will start. This can take anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours (in my case w/420GB of data on my PS3's 500GB harddrive, it would take about 12 hours for a full backup) Step 2. Back up any files on your external hard drive that you don't want to lose. Copy important files to your PC's hard drive before continuing, as you'll need to reformat it to have the PS3 recognize it You can do a system transfer to another PS3, or you can use data backup utility which won't actually restore your digital games to another PS3. RIP 60gb PS3, December 25th, 2006-July 12th, 2012 User Info: Jx101

For backing up PS3 games to hard drive of your computer, you should prepare the following stuff. Download Base Version v04.78.03. MultiMAN - Copy and backup PlayStation games to your computer hard drive. Your original PS3 gaming disc How to Copy PS3 Games to External Hard Drive with MultiMAN Step-by-step guide to clone PS3 hard drive to larger drive. Using a third-party tool to clone PS3 HDD are far easier than you might imagine. I will guide you go through the process step-by-step. Before cloning PS3 hard drive: Pull out your old small hard drive from your PS3 or PS4 and use screwdriver to free up the frame that holds the hard drive PlayStation 3 owners can transfer data to an external USB hard drive using the console's Backup Utility. PlayStation Vita players can back up their games and saves to a PS3 or PC using the PS. Top Voted Answer You cannot play games from an external storage device such as a hard drive. If you want to solve your space issues, buy an internal drive, not an external one. Eoin (Expert) - 9.. However, if your just going to upgrade your factory PS3's hard drive onto the same PS3, a Backup will do the trick. Also, all data is copied to the backup you can create on an external hard drive so PS3 still has the original data. -Key points, you can restore a backup and all data back onto the same PS3 and get all of your content back

You can only use an external HDD for PS3 backup (which includes saves) or storage of media (music, photos, videos). You cannot use it as the PS3's main HDD. Now if you got an external HDD with.. Firstly, on your PC, you'll need to download the latest firmware (you can find the link on this wiki page). Place the file in the folder /PS3/UPDATE on the external drive. Next, connect the external drive to the PS3. You'll now need to backup the existing music/video/game data onto the external HDD PlayStation 3 owners can transfer data to an external USB hard drive using the console's Backup Utility. PlayStation Vita players can backup their games and saves to a PS3 or PC using the PS Vita.. Broadly, there are two methods of dumping game files for each format. To dump disc games, you can use either a Custom Firmware (CFW) PS3 or a compatible Blu-ray drive with PC. For PSN games, you need a CFW PS3 or Original Firmware (OFW) PS3 to extract the license files. In both cases, using a CFW PS3 is the superior method Connect your external hard drive to your PC. Open Windows Explorer and create a new folder on the external hard drive. Step 2. Open Steam, then click Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder > Choose the folder on the external hard drive

How to Backup Your PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade So You Don't

Steps for PS3 USB format FAT32 (Disk Management) If you want to format USB as FAT32 for PS3, you can also use Disk Management. Follow the steps to get what you want: Step 1. Press Windows + X, and choose Disk Management on the menu. Step 2. Connect USB external hard drive on your PC. The USB drive will appear on the interface External hard drives for gaming utilize magnetism and movable internal components to read and write digital data. Picture the following. When the external hard drive is activated, the unit buzzes to life. At the top of the hard drive, a magnetic arm glides over a stack of magnetic rotating disks to communicate with the data storage bank below

Two Ways to Backup PS3/4 Hard Drive Step by Ste

  1. Unlike the PS4, the PS3 lets you back-up all your saved games to a USB stick in one go, or even back-up almost all of your data (anything that DRM does not bar) before throwing out the old HDD
  2. d. Simply plug in the drive and launch the Backup Utility in System Settings - Backup Game Saves (not all games allow this
  3. If you backed up to an external hard drive beforehand, plug your drive in, go to System Settings>Backup Utility>Restore and follow the prompts. If you just copied your game saves (like me), just pop your memory card back in and copy them over. I hope this will demystify the process for a few of you apprehensive PS3 owners out there
Learn How to Copy Old PS3 HDD to New Hard Driveps3-chip-oldham: Rochdale Ps3 Chipping , jailbreak

How to Use an External Hard Drive with PS3 - Tech Spirite

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USB Flash Drive Vs External Hard Drive Review: Until recently, the standard of portable storage was USB pen drives, because their small size allowed transport to any site without relying on external power for them. But times have changed and the external SSD has opened a significant gap in that market. One that the pen drive cannot fill even if it wants to The PS3 has a built-in software backup utility that can copy the PS3's hard-drive contents to an external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive or a memory stick Turn your PlayStation 3 game system on using your PS3 wireless controller, and wait for the main menu to load. Always turn the system on and boot it up before inserting hardware into the USB ports. Insert your flash memory drive into an open USB port on your PS3 console

Go to the Tools page, choose your external hard drive as the source disk, select another hard disk as the target disk and then start cloning. Tip: In addition to MiniTool ShadowMaker, MiniTool Partition Wizard can also help you clone the external hard drive for data backup The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is commonly used to play video games, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs, but it can do much more. One of the commonly unknown features is that the PS3 can play files off external devices such as a portable hard drive. You can play files such as MP3s and MP4s and view files such as JPGs and GIFs

There's been a very small amount reports of 2TB hard drives working, and a higher rate of success for formatting 1.5TB+ hard drives on 4.55 firmwares. Your PS3 will reserve about 10% of the hard drive space as backup sectors and will be unusable for normal operation, even with CFW Yes you can but there is a catch, you can only play the ps4 game through the external disk drive to play a dedicated game meant for the ps5 the game should be stored in the ssd of the ps5. In simple terms only the external disk drive can be used t.. However, when i load the games ive re installed onto my new external hard drive i cant access any of my saves. Ive platinumed some of these games and id like to pick up where i have left off. When i launch the games though it shows no gake saves and i have to start back at square one To copy these files to the DIGISTOR Portable USB 3.0 PS3 drive, gamers must first select the saved game from the console's memory and then press the triangle button on their PS3 controller. This will enable a copy function that can be used to back up important files to the PlayStation 3 external hard drive Insert the external storage device you'd like to use for the backup into one of the PS4™ USB ports. Go to Settings > System > Back Up and Restore. Select Back Up. Confirm which data you'd like to back up. It is important to back up saved data to avoid losing any game progress during the hard drive replacement

How to Backup & Play PS3 Games with multiMAN for

  1. Back up any data already stored on the PS3. Plug the external USB hard drive into one of the PS3's USB ports. In the Xross Media Bar go to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility. Follow the on screen directions and select Back Up to back up all game saves, downloads, media and game installs to the USB drive
  2. If the hard drive is formatted to FAT32, you can move or copy (back up) saved games to it. However, it will not automatically back up and load saved games from the USB drive for games you play. • Go to Game -> Saved Data Utility. This is where all your saves are stored. • Browse to the right save game and press triangle
  3. If you want to play back specific movies, photos, or music files on your PS3, use a USB drive. The PS3 supports a variety of file types, including MP4, DivX, AVI, and WMV
  4. The PS3 should list the game save data stored on its hard drive. Alternatively, you can open the Game Data Utility to view installed game data like downloaded add-ons. Highlight the game data you want to transfer, press the Triangle button and select Copy from the menu that comes up on the right side of the screen
  5. Retailing at $74.95 from Amazon, the Oyen Digital U32 Shadow is not the cheapest option on the market - but it is still a good one.Promoted and pre-prepared for PS3 use, the device is actually a.
  6. Begin the backup process. To get the ball rolling, you'll need to plug in your external drive over USB. It needs to be formatted using FAT32 or exFAT, and if you want to back up a full drive.
How to format the hard drive of a PlayStation 4 (PS4)

How to Back Up Your Old PlayStation Games Locally (And Why

Why can't Ps3 format and partion a External hard drive. you need a PC to use an external hard drive. and it's a pain. I have mator one touch mini (160gig) and it took me awhile (1 whole day) to do all the stuff you just talked about and it would have been much easier if PS3 formatted the external drive. The internal drive was a pice of cake How to Play Wii Games from an USB External Hard Drive Consoleinfo.be 11:38 PM. Consoleinfo.be. Want to play Nintendo Wii games from a USB hard disk or thumb drive? Play PS3 Backups Games On PS3 OFW 4.81 Without Jailbreak. Without any ODE and IDPS Video Tutorial Step By Step Pages. PS4 Official Firmwares List Plug your USB or external hard drive on your PS3 console second port. Turn on your PlayStation 3 and go to System Setting>Backup Utility and make a backup. Plug your USB drive on your PC and copy Backup file. Run Retailer as administrator; Paste your backup file on TrueAncestor Backup Retailer v2.30\backup folder; Open your game with PKG viewe

Can I install PS3 games on an external hard drive? - Arqad

  1. LUOM Toolfree USB 3.0 to SATA External 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure Case 3.5 2.5 Inch WD,Seagate,Toshiba,Samsung,Hitachi SATA III,HDD,SSD 10TB,PS4,Tool Free UASP. Limited time offer, ends 04/30. Model #: J-US-222-F; Item #: 9SIACD58FR0774; Return Policy: View Return Policy
  2. If comparing external HDDs and flash drives, as normal, external hard drives are much faster in bulk data transfer while USB flash drives may be faster when transferring small bits of data. However, when it comes to the performance of flash drive vs. external hard drive SSD, flash drives have no advantages
  3. Network Attached Storage (NAS) external hard drives are NOT supported by PS4. So just pick a regular USB drive instead. Wired Connection. PS4 system doesn't approve wireless external hard drives. Single-Layer drives. If a dual layer external hard drive connects to PS4, only the first layer will be recognized and the other PS4 system will ignore
  4. As seen in the table above, an external USB 3.1 HDD will store any Xbox game. Installed original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One titles will play directly from a hard drive, but Xbox Series S games.

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You can't just swap the hard drives out as each time a new drive is put in, it gets formatted and all the data inside becomes deleted. Get a external hard drive thats formatted to FAT32 (If your gonna get a new external hard drive, its worth asking the people in the store if its FAT32 before you buy) and then connect it to the PS3 via the USB. Store media for playback on PS3 console Backup your entire PS3 to the DIGISTOR DIG-82522 External HDD The DIGISTOR DIG-82522 is a 500GB Portable USB 3.0 / 2.0 Media Drive for PS3 gaming consoles. PS3 AV Drive Features - Easily backup your entire PS3 for peace of min The first thing to note is that the PS4 will only support USB 3.0 external hard drives, so make sure you buy one that's compatible. You can pick up 1 TB drives for around £40, but expect to pay. If you own legitimate copies of the games, it's painfully simple to play them from a hard drive. Buy an network adapter. Put a hard drive of any size below 128 GB into the PS2. Buy a disc called HD Loader or HD Advance. The disc will let you store, and then play games from your hard drive

photo storage external hard drive; photo storage hard drive; playstation 3 hard-drive; playstation 3 hd; playstation hard drive; portable analyzers; portable building kits; portable dslr; portable dvdr; portable hard drives for ipad; portable label makers; portable on ear headphones; portable softboxes; portable turntables reviews; ps3 hard. Method 1: How to Format your PS3 Hard Drive on Mac. Mac users can just take the assistance of the inbuilt app, Disk Utility, to format their PS3 hard drive. The application can be used to wipe the PS3 hard drive or any other internal/external drive on the Mac Connect your storage device to the system Navigate the XMB to System Settings > Backup Utility Choose Backup from the list of options and the PS3 will attempt to copy all the data on your current hard drive automatically. This process does not allow a selective back up so everything available for transfer will be moved The features of the hard drive extender are: Connect any 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive to the PS3 Developing ability to connect IDE hard drive Supports up to 750GB (maybe more thats all we have here to test so far) Switch between external HYPERDRIVE and internal 2.5″ HDD HYPERDRIVE USB2.0 Support to dump data to/from HDD So that would be the way to. PlayStation 3 owners can transfer data to an external USB hard drive using the console's Backup Utility. PlayStation Vita players can back up their games and saves to a PS3 or PC using the PS Vita Content Manager app. PlayStation Portable users can back up data to a PC or PS3 via USB micro cable, or by copying their SD card over to a PC

Download the FULL version of FW you currently have on the old harddrive and put it on a USB Mass Storage Device formatted with FAT32 in \PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP If you wish to transfer your installed games, savedata, DLC/PSN, /Photo, /Music, /Video, bookmarks etc. you can use Backup / Restore BEFORE you exchange the harddrive Well, I backed up all my PS2/PS1 data to a USB drive and an external hard drive. Opened up my PS3 tonight, put the new hard drive in, and initiated the restore process. To my surprise, all that PS2/PS1 data copied over too. I guess I had that wrong. Maybe it just won't copy to a different PS3? Anyway, I guess this is solved. Thanks for all your. EXTERNAL USB HARD DRIVES. Our favorite of all USB devices, a non-solid-state, external HDD is not as simple as a thumbdrive. The PS3 requires a USB hard disk to be FAT32 formatted in order to recognize it. While many pre-manufactured USB hard drives come pre-formatted as NTFS, they can usually be reformatted via PC using Windows utilities

PS3™ Backup Utilit

only hope is repairing the ps3 it is mated to once that is done you can preform a backup in the system menu your buddy should prolly do that once every 6 months or so pretty much any external usb storage device formated for fat32 should work there is a list of stuff the new patch caused issues for but most hard drives and usb sticks work.. In order to make backup games, you'll need some tools as follows: 1. Backup Wizard . Although PS3 system's backup utility feature allows us to back up all data from PS3, the copy protected content can't be transferred. So Backup Wizard has been developed to back up all your video games in a simple way If you're looking for an external hard drive to cope with the stresses and strains of modern-day life then you can't do much better than the bright, padded Rugged model from Lacie, shock and drop.

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Most general-purpose external hard drives are 2.5, which is what you are probably used to. For a proper hard drive to play games with, you'll definitely want a 7200rpm one, which (as far as I know) only 3.5 drives are capable of. These are a bit heavier and bulkier, hence why I mentioned the extra box For online support related queries: 0861 426 333 [email protected] For store & general support queries: 0861 426 322 [email protected] For store card/credit related queries

Can I store ps3 games on an external harddrive? : PS

First, it will give you the ability to make legal backups of original PS3 games and store them into the hard drive or any external USB storage device available, including flash drives and USB hard drives. - Use PS3 Backup Manger for making and playing PS3 ISO game copies ; Second, it can let you run 3rd party homebrew applications The need for cloning the hard drive of ps3 or ps4 gaming console is widely faced everywhere. The play stations come with very less space in hard drives, it may be ps3 or ps4. The hard drive (HDD) gets stuffed easily even after you install half a dozen gaming files. Once it is running out of space, the situation might get very irritating Know your files are safely stored with this Seagate external hard drive. The 8TB of storage lets you save plenty of video, music and text files, and the USB 3.0 functionality provides backward compatibility with older USB 2.0 drives. This Seagate external hard drive includes a power adapter and USB cable for immediate use the 160 gb ps3 does not have memory card slots like the first few models. number 2 , a system backup is to be used in case your memory gets wiped off the hard drive so therefore you cannot use the hard drive to backup. you must use a flash drive or external hard

How to Add an External Hard Drive to a PlayStation

Backup and run your PS3 games straight from an external or the ps3 internal hard drive unit Run all types of cool and fun homebrew package files Play all your favorite old school backups such as (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis & More!!) ****Please also note that PS3 Slim model numbers 2501B and lower can b Using an external hard drive to store games and apps on a PS4 Seagate's product lab team has been testing the new feature during the beta phase and it's been working great! Set up is simple — just plug your external USB 3.0 drive into one of PS4 USB ports, navigate to Settings, Devices, USB Storage Devices, then select your new drive and.

How To Copy/Backup PS3 Game Disk ISO To USB/HDD! - YouTub

Since I just got a 1TB SSD for my PS4 Pro, I'd like to use an external drive to store games I don't play often. I think for now I'd like to go with a 4TB WD drive that is powered via USB (I know PS4 supports up to 8TB, but those drives spin up slowly and also require a PSU) To transfer games and apps from your system storage to the external drive, select System Storage > Applications followed by pressing Options then Move to Extended Storage. Tick everything you want.. Using an external hard drive is an excellent way to back up important files and transfer files from one computer to another. Today, nearly all external hard drives are lightweight and small in size, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go. Despite their size, they can store a large amount of data, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, music, and videos

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To back up PS4. When you are trying to perform certain operations that might affect your PS4 data, such as initializing PS4 to fix issues, you should back up your PS4 data to an external storage device like PS4 USB drive in advance to avoid any data loss. To share or transfer files, games, or applications on PS4. If you want to share a certain. (Image credit: Sony) If your external hard disk or SSD is already using an appropriate file system then you can plug it into the PS4, head to the System menu, open the Back Up and Restore section. Please see below on how to reformat your external hard drive on Mac and Windows. DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that reformatting will result in the loss of all the data on the hard drive so make sure you back up your data elsewhere before starting. How to Reformat in Mac. Step 1: Make sure your external hard drive is attached and mounted to. Since the first release of PS4, a wide variety of PS4 users were complaining of their inability to use an external hard drive on their PS4 console even for a backup purpose until the release of firmware update 2.5 that allowed the usage of a USB storage device for backup/archive only, then later, with version 4.5, users were enabled to use their external hard drive as a storage extension to. Modular and scalable backup storage. pixitmedia. Purpose-built. Best-in-class TCO. Proven design. Focus on the game with Xbox external hard drives and SSDs. PlayStation Drives. Save the best games with hard drives and SSDs for PlayStation External PC Gaming Drives

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No see that would defeat the purpose of downloading to the hard drive, the reason you download some files to the hard drive is because a hard drive is faster then a blu ray disc so if you have it through usb well usb is slower so it would slow it down, i would just back up your ps3 onto the external hard drive and buy a new bigger hard drive and put the data on that throught the external harddrive I just managed to get my hands on a new xbox 360 elite but all the hard drives available seem to have been modded or tampered with despite them being a microsoft brand.The usb ports seem to be functionally properly so is there any chance i can use a 2tb or 3tb external hard drive to download my digital games and dlc in to,right now the best one i could find is the western digital my book 7200. PS4 games can be played directly from all the PS5 external hard drives listed on this guide though. The built-in PS5 SSD isn't massive, and it'll soon be crammed full of games as we progress. First of all you'll need a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Plug it into your computer and copy over the movie files that you want to watch on your PS3. Plug the USB drive or external hard drive into one of the USB ports on the PS3. Navigate to Video on the PS3 XMB menu and find your device. Hit triangle to view all contents The hard drive should connect to your PS4 via USB. You can only have one external hard drive connected at a time. Of course, you could have multiple external hard drives that you switch in and out. If you go for a smaller external hard drive, make sure it has at least 250GB of storage. The PS4 is not compatible with hard drives with less than that

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