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  1. There are over 4 special value prices on Sprinkler Valves. What are some of the most reviewed products in Sprinkler Valves? Some of the most reviewed products in Sprinkler Valves are the Rain Bird 3/4 in. FPT In-Line Valve with 298 reviews and the Orbit 3/4 in. Plastic FPT Automatic Anti-Siphon Zone Valve with 292 reviews
  2. 2500T Series 1 Inch Threaded Irrigation Valve . 2500T 1 IRRITROL ELECT RCV . SKU#: 34100435. MFG#: 2500T . 1 inch female threaded connections on each end. Patented floating metering system allows this valve to easily handle dirty water. High flow, low friction loss design with low flow capability..
  3. Orbit .75-in Plastic Electric Inline Irrigation Valve. 3/4 Automatic in line jar top valve, female threaded, easy to access, no tools required, heavy duty construction with stainless steel components, universal, works with residential standard 24 V sprinkler systems, manual on/off lever, ideal for testing and flushing sprinkler systems, includes snap wire connector, removable for traditional.
  4. Rain Bird 1-in Plastic Electric Inline Irrigation Valve. This residential and light commercial grade in-line valve replaces Rain Bird and other irrigation valves installed below ground with 1 inch female threaded inlet and outlet. It can be used with any 24 volt AC irrigation timer

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  1. The rest of this page is about Irrigation Control Valves. 2. Irrigation Control Valves: These are the valves that turn on and off the sprinklers, they also may be used for drip irrigation systems. Other names sometime used for them are irrigation valve, sprinkler valve, solenoid valve, and lawn valve
  2. Given that this is an anti-siphon valve, you can depend upon it to ensure that water for irrigation remains for irrigation. This is probably because of the backflow protection feature. The flow and maximum pressure statistics also seem to be quite impressive
  3. Toro® irrigation valves control water flow to the sprinklers. Installing These sprinkler system valves can be installed above or below ground, usually near the water source
  4. Have you ever wondered how irrigation control valves work? In this short video, we'll take you on a tour inside a Rain Bird valve to learn about the parts a..
  5. Sprinkler valves are generally plastic for residential and most commercial applications, and metal for heavy-duty sites like golf courses and municipal pumping stations. Sprinkler valves can be grouped together in manifolds, or the valves are installed individually - valves should always be buried inside a plastic irrigation valve box
  6. 100HVFSS - 1 in. HVF Series Inline Sprinkler Valve with Flow Control - Slip x Slip . $21.41. Notify Me. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 100HVMB - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Male x Barb . $20.34. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 100HVNPT - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Female x Female Threaded.
  7. The best-rated product in Orbit Sprinkler Valves is the 1 in. Male NPT Jar Top Valve. What are the shipping options for Orbit Sprinkler Valves? All Orbit Sprinkler Valves can be shipped to you at home. Can Orbit Sprinkler Valves be returned? Yes, Orbit Sprinkler Valves can be returned and have a 180-Day return period

In a lawn irrigation system, repair or replacement of an irrigation valve is a very common repair. An irrigation system is typically divided into several zones, each of which feeds sprinkler heads in a different area of the lawn or garden, and each zone is controlled by a valve that receives signals from a centrally located controller Valves Irrigation valves are the heart of your irrigation system and Hunter has assembled one of the broadest line-ups of sprinkler control valves in the industry. Low flow to high flow, clean water to dirty water, low pressure to high pressure, Hunter offers an irrigation valve that can take it and work reliably for years to come 3/4-inch Female Threaded Sprinkler Valve $ 11.59. Out of stock. 1-inch Female Threaded Sprinkler Valve $ 15.19. Add to cart. 3/4 In. Female Threaded Automatic Inline Valve Without Flow Control $ 13.99. Out of stock. 1 In. Automatic Inline Valve Without Flow Control $ 14.99. Out of stock. 3/4-inch Jar-Top Anti-Siphon Valve

Orbit Sprinkler System Sandstone Rock Valve Cover Box 53017 4.5 out of 5 stars 242 Sprinkl Control - The Smart Sprinkler Hub - 16 Zone WiFi Smart Irrigation Controller - Weather Intelligence, Remote Access, Built-in Fault Detection, Wireless Moisture Sensors, Compatible with Alex There are over 3 special value prices on 1 Sprinkler Valves. What is the best-rated product in 1 Sprinkler Valves? The best-rated product in 1 Sprinkler Valves is the ProSeries 100 1 in. Male x Male with Flow Control. What are the shipping options for 1 Sprinkler Valves? All 1 Sprinkler Valves can be shipped to you at home Sprinkler Valve Solenoid, Air Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve, for Inert Gas Air Water Liquid. Hunter Industries RTL0502PGV101G Hunter 1 PGV Irrigation Valve, Black,small. 4.7 out of 5 stars 139. $16.75 $ 16. 75. Get it as soon as Mon, May 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon All Toro Sprinkler Valves can be shipped to you at home. What is the top-selling product within Toro Sprinkler Valves? The top-selling product within Toro Sprinkler Valves is the Toro 3/4 in. Anti-Siphon Jar Top Valve A control valve is the valve that is used to turn on and off a group of sprinklers or a drip system. Typically an irrigation system will have several control valves, each turning on the irrigation in a different area of the yard. A control valve may be automatic (turned on and off by a timer) or it may be manual (turned on and off by hand.

Lawn Irrigation ; Valves & Valve Boxes ; Valve Boxes; Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page Next; Show. per page. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. Rain Bird PVB Series PVB6RND 6 in. Round Valve Box with Green Lid . On-Sale $3.15 List Price $4.79. SKU: PVB6RND. IrriFix Box Set - 2 Pack Rain Bird Diaphragm Assembly Repair Kit for 100-PGA Sprinkler Irrigation Valves - Rainbird 100PGA Model DIAPH100PG Diaphram with Springs for 1 Inch Electric Valve. 4.5 out of 5 stars 23. $29.95 $ 29. 95. Get it as soon as Mon, May 3. FREE Shipping by Amazon Valves. 2400/2600 Series 205 Series 2500 Series 2700 Series 311A Series 2623DPR/300 Valve Adapters 200B Series 700 Series 100 Series Access irrigation, lighting, water features and pumps from a single wireless interface. LEARN MORE . WHERE TO BU Electric Irrigation; Garden Valve and Hose Bib; Gate Valves; Industrial Valves; Manual Irrigation; Water Meters; Specialty Valves; Valve Accessories; Valve Boxes. Plastic Valve Boxes; Composite Valve Boxes; Concrete Valve Boxes; Lids for Valve Boxes; Wire & Electrical Supplies. Single Strand Irrigation Wire; Multi-Strand Irrigation Wire. 4 Pack Drip Irrigation Gate Valves Shut-Off Switch Connectors Replacement for 1/2 Inch Double Male Barbed Valve 16mm Irrigation Tube,Hose Connectors Barbed Valve Suitable for Agricultura, Garden. 3.4 out of 5 stars 3. $7.99 $ 7. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 29

Heatoe 12 Pack 16mm Plastic Barbed Ball in-line Valve Drip Irrigation Valve Switch Valve Shut Off Valve Hose Barb Connector Water Flow Valve for 1/2 and 5/8 Inch Tubing. 4.0 out of 5 stars 23. $10.71 $ 10. 71. Get it as soon as Wed, May 5. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Valve Not Turning On . When a sprinkler valve is not turning on, it can be due to an electrical problem, a water supply issue, or a failed solenoid. A good place to start is by ruling out a water supply problem. To do this, check the other sprinkler valves to ensure they are getting water and turning on as usual Lawn Irrigation ; Valves & Valve Boxes ; Valve Actuators; Show. per page. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. Champion Brass Automatic Actuator 1 in. | CL-100-C . On-Sale $60.95 List Price $78.80 As low as $59.73. SKU: CL-100-C. Add to Cart. Champion Brass Automatic Actuator 3/4 in. | CL-075-C. This video shows the details of how a typical irrigation sprinkler control valve works, in an effort to help with investigation and troubleshooting of commo.. Directory of Local Sprinkler System Installation & Repair Experts. Compare Local Sprinkler System Experts With Reviews From Your Neightbors

Orbit 1-in NPT Drip Irrigation 4-in-1 Valve. The 2-in-1 stands in the market as the industry's first one piece drip filter, and 30 PSI pressure regulator combination. Attaches to a 1 In. irrigation valve to create a Drip Irrigation system. Heavy duty construction for years of reliable service. Compact designed to fit in a standard valve box. 100HVFSS - 1 in. HVF Series Inline Sprinkler Valve with Flow Control - Slip x Slip . $21.41. Notify Me. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 100HVMB - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Male x Barb . $20.34. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View as Grid List. Items 1-12 of 45. Page. You're. Your sprinkler system is only as good as its irrigation valves. That's why Toro® sprinkler valves are designed for rugged reliability even under the most demanding conditions Valves are the heart of an irrigation system. Hunter has assembled one of the broadest line-ups in the industry to suit any residential system

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  1. This article covers the identification of various types of irrigation valves and covers some of the key terms involved. In an inline system, valves are..
  2. utes reviewing some of our products
  3. The main shutoff valve on an irrigation system allows you to open it for water to flow, and it may be controlled by pre-set timers on the control panel
  4. Irrigation zone valves come in many shapes and configurations, including models that integrate an anti-siphon device. In other systems, the anti-siphon valve is a separate device that is installed on the water pipe before it reaches the valve box
  5. Mike Briley from Access Irrigation demonstrates how to wire a 24v irrigation solenoid valve into a mains powered irrigation watering controller using low vol..

All-in-one kit for drip irrigation zones. VP-10 control valve. 150-mesh stainless steel filter. 25 PSI regulator..710 female compression adapter. Be the First to Review . Compare. Hunter . 3/4 inch ASV Drip Control Zone Kit . ACZ-075-25 PRO A/S CONTROL ZN. Most irrigation systems are connected to their water source by a master valve.The master valve, sometimes called the emergency shut-off valve, connects the water source via circuit to the irrigation controller.The irrigation controller, or control valve, in turn, allows water to travel to different zone valves, which in turn distribute water to the sprinklers In this video I replace four valves in a sprinkler manifold. Step by step instructions. Parts in the video are annotated Irrigation Our systems are engineered for versatility, so a system that starts with a kit can be easily expanded as landscaping and watering needs change. By manufacturing parts with fewer pieces, we keep installation simple, with little opportunity for mistakes

CP & CPF In-line Automatic Sprinkler Valves. ¾ or 1 inch inline valves. Available at home improvement and garden retailers. DAS/ASVF SureFlow Automatic Anti-Siphon Valves. ¾ inch. or 1 inch anti-siphon. Available at home improvement and garden retailers. WC20 Wire Connectors. Click for more info Lawn Irrigation ; Valves & Valve Boxes ; Valve Repair Parts; Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Show. per page. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. Irritrol, Toro and Richdel Universal Encapsulated Solenoid | R811-24VACG . 100%. On-Sale $10.95 List.

The valve is an essential part of the irrigation sprinkler system 100HVNPT - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Female x Female Threaded . $19.27. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 100HVSS - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Slip x Slip . $19.27. Notify Me. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 100PEB - 1 in. Inlet Inline Plastic Industrial Irrigation Valve. Irrigation ; Valves ; Check Valves; Check Valves. Products (85) 85 Item(s) Sort By. Per Page. of 6 Next. Compare. Hunter . HVC Check Valve 3/4-inch Female x 3/4-inch Male Thread . HC-75F-75M HUNTER ADJ CHECK VL. valve and the last sprinkler on the circuit being sized, usually 10% or 20% of the desired sprinkler operating pressure Lc = Critical Length of pipe from control valve to farthest head in hundreds of feet Example: A) You must determine the amount of pressure variation you can allow between the valve and the last sprinkler head

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A mismatch will either stress the system or provide insufficient irrigation. Valves open and close pipes to water each zone. Valve boxes protect valves while providing easy access. Head styles vary based on the water requirements of the plantings and your water supply. Sprinkler heads are rated according to the GPM they can supply at your. Hunter has a full valve line-up for different irrigation system designs, but most valves have the same fundamental functionality. In this section, you will find information on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting a Hunter valve

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Shop irrigation valve parts, sprinkler valve repair parts and other irrigation supply products at Reinders.com. Quality Service, Great Deals. Save 1% on all orders with an approved Reinders business account Lawn Irrigation ; Valves & Valve Boxes ; Valves ; Anti-Siphon Valves; Show. per page. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. Rain Bird ASVF Anti-Siphon Valve with Flow Control 3/4 in. FPT | 075-ASVF . On-Sale $21.45 List Price $40.78 As low as $21.02. SKU: 075-ASVF. 2000 Series Heavy Duty Irrigation Valves. Model# 2000, 2030, 2160, 2230, 2260 & 2265 Sizes: 1″ - 8″ For Maximum performance and longevity, no other remote-control irrigation valve can compare to the self cleaning Griswold 2000 Series valves This video describes how to repair common valves used in lawn irrigation systems The Rain Bird DV/DVF valve is the premium valve product chosen by more professionals than any other valve on the market. Its long history of reliable performance makes it the natural choice for your landscape. Its consistent, problem-free performance means you can spend less time thinking about your irrigation system and more time enjoying your landscape

One of the most common reasons for a valve not to open when the controller sends low voltage electricity to the valve is because the exhaust port might be clogged with glue or debris. This video will show you how to unclog this port and give you some other helpful troubleshooting tips Valves & Valve Boxes. Plastic Valves; Brass Valves; Quick Couplers; Valve Boxes; Valve Accessories; Controllers. Traditional Controllers; Two-Wire Controllers; Battery Operated Controllers; Sensors & Meters; Controller Accessories; Central Control / Water Mgmt. Central Control; Sensors & Meters; Drip Irrigation. Control Zone Kits; Zone Filters. Ball Sprinkler Valve - For frequent usage, you can take help of this valve in commercial areas.With the simple turn of the wrist you can control different sections of the irrigation system with the use of ball valve. Enjoy producing manual shut off in your irrigation system with this high-quality valve

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The electric part of a sprinkler valve is the solenoid — it's a cylindrical-shaped thing screwed into the valve. At the center of the solenoid is a rod supported by a spring. The solenoid has two wires connected to its internal coil. Applying 24VAC on the two wires energizes the coil, and causes the rod to contract into the solenoid The Sprinkler Valves. There are two types of sprinkler valves, in-line and and anti-siphon. The anti-siphon valves are the ones with a backflow prevention device inside. They have to be above ground for the backflow device to work Check The Dumb Stuff. If the valve won't open at all, or doesn't fully open, start with the obvious things just to be certain. I know, any idiot knows better, but even us pros periodically overlook something really simple and obvious. Tip: There are labeled photos of some of the more popular valve models showing Continue reading How to Fix a Automatic Irrigation Valve that Won't Open Horizon understands irrigation valves are the heart of an irrigation system, allowing homeowners and landscapers the ability to control the water flow to sprinklers.They come in a variety of sizes and styles, including globe/angle valves, anti-siphon valves, as well as plastic commercial and brass commercial Valves designed exclusively for the low flow rates of a drip irrigation system (0.2 - 8.0 gpm; 0.6 to 30 l/m). The only valves in the industry made specifically for drip irrigation systems, making these the only valves that can effectively handle particles at low flow rates - patented design

Slowly open the main shutoff valve to let water into the sprinkler system. For a ball valve, turn the lever handle one-quarter turn until the handle is parallel to the pipe; this is the fully open position. For an in-ground shutoff valve, use a sprinkler valve key to turn the valve counterclockwise until it stops Each sprinkler valve contains a solenoid and it is magnetically controlled. When a solenoid comes out of place or becomes damaged, it cannot shut off the sprinkler valve properly. If the cause of your sprinkler valve shutting off is the solenoid, fixing it is not difficult

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  1. 2020 Hit Products Corporation | 556 S. Mirage Avenue | P.O. Box 929 | Lindsay, CA. 9324
  2. d that sprinklers and drip emitters apply water at different rates. When converting to a drip system, all sprinklers in the same zone and on the same valve need to be changed. Sprinkler and drip irrigation apply water at different rates and operate under different pressure, requiring separate valves
  3. There are several ways to drain your pipes: a manual drain valve, an automatic drain valve or the compressed air blow-out method. However, since there could be potential safety risks we recommend contacting your local irrigation specialist. Many offer sprinkler winterization services this time of the year. 4. Protect valves and backflow preventers
  4. Shop quality drip irrigation supplies for your farm, garden, deck or landscape. Tubing, timers, emitters, filters, pond liners, kits and more
  5. Shop for Irrigation Valves at Ferguson. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products

Valves Drip irrigation valves are designed to be used with a timer to automate an irrigation system. The timer sends a signal to the valve telling it to open or close. At DripWorks, we offer an assortment of the best drip system valves in the business Irrigation ; Valves ; Gate Valves; Gate Valves. Products (149) 149 Item(s) Sort By. Per Page. of 10 Next. Compare. Legend Valve . 3 Inch Brass Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve . 3 GATE VALVE W/WHEEL HANDLE. Find the right valves for your needs. Select the right control valves for your irrigation system and enjoy our easy to use hydraulic calculators. Download it now for Android or iOS. Hydraulic calculations. Carry out both simple and advanced hydraulic calculations to control the water flow for optimal results. Understand your valves A water irrigation solenoid valve is an electrically controlled valve to regulate the flow of water. By applying a voltage over the coil, the valve opens and the liquid can flow through. Solenoid valves are also called electromagnetic valve, water valve, electric valve or electro valve One valve can replace up to eight 1″ solenoids or six 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ solenoids. Since the FIMCO Hydro-Indexing Valve works on Water Pressure alone, you will never have to worry about Power Surges or Lightning compromising your irrigation system or wastewater system. The FIMCO Hydro indexing Valve is easy to install and even easier to use

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  1. Irrigation Supplies and Fittings - Drip Irrigation Kits - Wastewater Systems - Hoses and Tubing. We offer fast shipping, personalized customer service, easy online ordering, simple online account management, freight shipping, quotes for large irrigation projects, drip irrigation or sprinkler systems, for greenhouses, agriculture, vineyards, breweries, wastewater, golf courses, and home.
  2. Keep Grass Healthy and Overwatering at Bay with Reputable Sprinkler Valves for Your Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems. Electric sprinkler valves and shut-off valves work in tandem as the two main valve types in your irrigation system to pressurize water to the sprinkler head and control the water supply, respectively.. Making sure your systems are not only running smoothly but are well-comprised.
  3. Find the water supply valve for your irrigation system near the water meter and turn the handle so it's perpendicular to the pipe. Look at the low flow meter on your meter, and if the triangle stops spinning, then the leak is happening in the irrigation system
  4. The irrigation valves play the critical role as it helps in controlling the flow of water. In garden or lawn irrigation system each valve is accountable to one area or zone. The irrigation valve can be above ground or underground. Finding sprinkler valves underground is challenging task as it is located in the valve box which is buried
  5. Look to Nelson's 800 and 1000 Series Valves for efficient and effective control. Without proper air and water control, problems such as pressure fluctuations and water hammer can occur causing damaged pumps, broken pipes, and decreased flow efficiency

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Automated high-flow valve for high-performance surface irrigation The BladeValve is a remotely operated high-flow pipe valve that makes surface irrigation less labor-intensive and more flexible The valves that are included in a lawn and garden irrigation system control water flow to specific zones within the system. These control valves are typically located inside a valve box, which may contain four or more valves, depending on the system layout. Common symptoms of a faulty valve include Electric Valves Electric valves for a sprinkler system control the flow of the water. Each valve is responsbile for a zone of the lawn irrigaton system. K-Rain's complete line of electric valves have both a globe style and a patented tilt angle configuration. The tilt angle reduces pressure drop and increases operating range You can adjust the rotation of the sprinkler head via a knob on top of the head. Turn the sprinkler back on to check for the correct setting. Step 3 - Adjust the Sprinkler Valve. To control the amount of water sprayed by the sprinkler head, adjust the valve turning to the left for less spray or to the right for more spray

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The anti-siphon sprinkler valve prevents the occurrence of siphoning where a sprinkler system sucks water back in after it's been shut off. This prevents chemicals and other pollutants from entering the main water supply. For use with underground sprinkler systems The low volume drip irrigation experts since 1996, The Drip Store offers drip irrigation products specifically developed for landscapers, commercial growers, and homeowners. At The Drip Store, we offer low volume irrigation, tubing, irrigation valves, battery, A/C and solar powered controllers at great prices Buckner and Superior brands offer quality solutions for a wide range of irrigation needs. Our promise is to offer a reliable and affordable product accompanied by unmatched service and support Automatic irrigation systems have a lot of moving parts by design, all of which need to be in good working order for the system to be effective in delivering the water that your lawn and garden need. Valves are important parts in any sprinkler system because they control the water flow by opening and closing

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This article is all about troubleshooting for valves. Sprinkler Warehouse provides typical scenarios paired with possible causes and solutions Manufacturer of quality drip irrigation products, battery operated and solar powered irrigation controllers. Drip irrigation, referred to as micro irrigation, low flow irrigation, or trickle irrigation is the slow and controlled delivery of water directly to the plant root area using point-source emitters, dripline, or other emission devices Join Now to Start Earning Points. Sign up today to start earning great rewards! Earn points by purchasing Toro Irrigation, Toro Genuine Parts, Irritrol and Unique Lighting products and accessories Sprinkler valve leaks are generally due to one of two reasons: 1. Low Head Drainage. After each run of your sprinkler system, there is low head drainage, or excess water that is still draining from the pipes after the water is switched off. If the leaks happen directly after running the sprinkler system and do not occur all the time, then.

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This article covers the strategies and pitfalls of how to replace an irrigation valve. If this is your first time replacing a valve, providing you have.. At four position we are coming with Orbit 1 Inch Male Threaded Jar Top Automatic Sprinkler Irrigation Valve. You have already known that Orbit is one of the best brands for the sprinkler valve. First of all, it is designed with a unique durability. You need no tools to service for this sprinkler valve Foot Valves & Parts. Sure-Flo Fittings offers many styles of foot valves to meet your needs ranging from the standard 45 Degree Flanged Foot Valve to a Threaded Vertical Foot Valve. Please call us if you have any questions regarding foot valves or visit the Sure-Flo Fittings Website for more details Purchase manual sprinkler valves that'll fit into your irrigation system from R&R Products! Choose from gate, angle, straight, and ball irrigation valves. 800-528-3446 Free Freight On Orders Over $500* Search Search. Rapid Order. Cart 0 Product Categories. Equipment Parts. Equipment Parts. Find Equipment Parts Make. then. These high quality, full flow, in-line battery operated DC valves are to be used with commercial-grade battery timers

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Drip Irrigation. A sustainable solution to watering your plants, drip irrigation gets straight to the roots. Avoid wasting water and give your plants the attention they deserve. Ewing carries a broad selection of drip irrigation products to ensure you are properly equipped for your upcoming project Sprinkler systems have valve controls for an area, or zone. Sprinkler valves have an electrical solenoid on top that receives a signal from the controller as to the time and duration of an. The valves feature a diaphragm assembly for optimum hydraulic performance and safe and reliable operation of your irrigation systems in residential, commercial and agricultural settings. The heavy-duty valves and actuators are available with a choice of control functions including external or internal manual bleed and flow control for easy. How to Adjust the Pressure in a Lawn Genie L7034 Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve. The Lawn Genie L7034 Anti-Siphon Valve is equipped with a flow-control screw so you can easily adjust the rate the. DIG's ECO1™ILV is an advanced single-station solar powered irrigation controller mounted on a 3/4″ in-line valve for use with drip irrigation or sprinkler systems. Power is derived via a patented, time-tested internal photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system that is fueled by..

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An irrigation valve box extension, basically a valve box without the lid, makes it simple to create a custom size encasement to fit your project. These extensions are built to work with your valve box and easily attach to ensure you're still getting that high-level durability you require Since 1965, BERMAD has been developing proven hydraulic control valves for irrigation projects and systems. With the widest range of innovative products for field and greenhouse agriculture, BERMAD offers customers advanced control solutions specially created for irrigation - from water source to the emitters: drip, sprinkler, micro-jet and pivot 2 Anti Siphon Valve 150 PSI Flow Control 3/4 Irrigation Sprinkler Jar-Top Bonnet 4.5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - 2 Anti Siphon Valve 150 PSI Flow Control 3/4 Irrigation Sprinkler Jar-Top Bonne

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