Blue veins on palms of hands and fingers

Peripheral Cyanosis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

  1. Cyanosis refers to a bluish cast to the skin and mucous membranes. Peripheral cyanosis is when there is a bluish discoloration to your hands or feet. It's usually caused by low oxygen levels in the..
  2. Both palms bottom and top are blue and dark fingers as well. Also, feel very weak and fatique. The palms keep changing color, dark,blue, dark green
  3. My DR told me that having (blue) veins (which is the color of the veins on the palms of my hands that I get) means you don't have as much oxygen-rich blood going to your hands. I have this sometimes, but not permanently, and my DR says it is because I am anemic. (I am frequently anemic, but do have times when I am fine)
  4. Most commonly, blue hands are caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood. This may happen when you are at high altitude or if you are choking, or may be due to chronic underlying conditions such as lung diseases or chronic heart disease
  5. Peripheral cyanosis is when the hands, fingertips, or feet turn blue because they are not getting enough oxygen-rich blood. Cold temperatures, circulation problems, and tight jewelry are common..

Veins on my palms got very dark and dark blu

Pallor in the hand can manifest in: 1 - the back of the hand [see the photo above]; 2 - the inner palm; 3 - the major hand lines (= doctors describe this as indication for severe anemia); 4 - the fingernails. An example of palmar pallor: the color of the palm is extremely 'pale' compared to the color of the arms Fingers or fingertips that turn white, blue and then red, accompanied by pins and needles and numbness, are a sign of Raynaud's disease, in which blood flow to the fingers is restricted. The exact cause is unknown but it often runs in families

blue veins on palm of my sons hands, near wrist and on base of the thump. he is 20 months old and we have never noticed them before. is this normal? Dr. Julan Crane answered 25 years experience Pediatric Maybe you're uncomfortable with the appearance of bulging veins on your hands. Or maybe you're worried it's a sign of a medical problem. For most people, bulging hand veins are normal and a.. When your hands become exposed to very cold weather conditions, the skin's surface vessels start getting constricted thereby causing blue discoloration of hands and fingers. Thus, blue hands and fingers in these cases, could mean the body is trying to adapt with the changes in the environment or temperature Our blood is transported through our body by blood vessels, and sometimes these blood vessels appear as bulging veins in hands. These swollen veins look unsightly and are an indicator of our age,..

Blue veins or feeder and reticular veins are venous blood vessels that can be blue in color. The change is color is due to the veins being abnormally stretched beneath the surface of the skin. Blue veins can appear in the hands. Although blue hand veins are smaller than varicose veins, they can be unsightly and sometimes painful Bulging hand veins Causes: Image Source: firstcry.com. There are several causes of Bulging hand veins or prominent appearing hand veins. Some causes are very minor and there is no reason to worry about them. But, for some causes of these prominent hand veins, we need to seek medical help for further management. The causes are: Low fat in the body Varicose veins on the other hand are dark blue, swollen, distorted, large veins showing through skin that sometime stick out as well. Varicose veins can develop anywhere but are frequently found on ankles and legs. Varicose veins are likely to develop in people on their feet throughout the day, like teachers and nurses For most people, bulging veins on the hands and arms are a cosmetic issue. However, in less common cases, bulging veins in this area of the body may be a sign of an underlying medical condition...

I see the veins in my palms clearly, should I be worried

  1. With blood pooling under the skin from hot weather, you may notice blue ropey looking veins on your hands. Genetics: Visible veins in your hands could be part of your makeup, unfortunately. You may notice others in your family who's hands show veins in the same way
  2. Hello, There is a phenomenon called as Raynaud's; the color of the palms and fingers can turn blue in this. This is precipitated by stress or cold (just an exposure to fridge temperature or cold water may precipitate it)
  3. I recently noticed small blue veins on my palms and fingers after the shower. They seem to go away during the day. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid. I also have carpal tunnel. I am really worried about this and have high anxiety. can you please take a look at the pics and tell me if this can be normal
  4. utes and repeated the EKG and bloodwork. Everything was fine
  5. Veins that appear alongside pain, burning or itching, may be caused by blood pooling and should be evaluated by a physician. Pain will often cause veins to pop out as well. Blue veins that appear along the chest are usually harmless but should be checked by a physician if you smoke, drink, have an enlarged abdomen, or live an inactive lifestyle
  6. For many women, bulging hand veins are normal and a cosmetic issue and the veins in the arms and hands are functioning normally. But for some women, it can be the symptom of a bigger problem. Women with increasing age are more likely to develop this condition. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, pre-menstruation or menopause may be a factor

Sometimes called reticular veins, feeder veins, or intradermal veins, blue veins appear blue or green under the skin. Typically, blue veins are more extensive or more prominent than spider veins, but not as large or painful as varicose veins. Blue veins are most common around the knees and thighs and regularly noticed on the chest Spider veins are a web of veins red or blue/purple in color that typically spread across your legs or face close to the skin. What Does it Mean When Your Veins Are Dark? Sometimes a vein can get dilated, stretched, or swollen with blood, which will make it appear more prominent than usual. There are a variety of reasons that this may happen

Most people are aware that blue or gray hands often indicate poor circulation. This blueish gray tint is known as cyanosis, and peripheral cyanosis where it exclusively affects the extremities. Many different factors can lead to this condition The raised, blue lump on his man's hand was a sign of a serous heart infection. (Image credit: The New England Journal of Medicine©2018) It started out as a red patch on a man's palm. But over the..

Blue Hands - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Peripheral cyanosis: Causes of blue hands and fee

Ganglion cysts are actually quite common, and they are generally harmless. Ganglion cysts are a benign bump that is made out of a gelatinous fluid sac. This bump starts to form where there is a joint or a tendon sheath. They can happen on your wrists, but can also occasionally appear around the joints of your fingers Palmar fasciitis is a rare medical condition that causes inflammation of the palmar fascia, a thickened band of tissue that connects the palm to the fingers. The inflammation can make it difficult.. What are the blue spots under my skin on my palms? I believe it is an autoimmune disorder. The blue spots are more noticeable when I am cold. My palms are just red and puffy the rest of the time. You could possibly just have poor ciculation and your veins are showing. I have the same thing and when I get cold or nervous even, they become. Veins are always red, but veins that are seen through the skin look green or blue because the skin plus other things act as a color filter. These things that filter the red color includes the yellow color of fat, carbon dioxide, and oxygen - making the red vein appear blue or green

Does anyone have any experience using the veins in the palms of their hands or in their fingers? Not the ones in between the knuckles.. the ones running up and down the undersides of their fingers.. Sway wants to try but is afraid because the veins in the tops on her hands can get so swollen and painful if she has problems.. they just look so. This is entirely normal, most people with light skin can see blue veins especially in their hands and arms if they have light colored skin. If your vein is injured and bleeds from a cut, as soon as the unoxygenated blood is exposed to air it immediately picks up oxygen and becomes less dark, brighter red You need a doppler ultrasound of the palm of the hand and this will tell if it is a venous structure, arterial structure (aneurysm) or AV malformation. I suppose if you have a job with repetitive injury to the hand (construction) work, this could form.Nevertheless, it is very important to get this looked at by a vascular surgeon or hand surgeon

rest your hand when you can put an ice pack (or a bag of frozen peas) in a towel and place it on your palm for up to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours take paracetamol to ease the pain remove any jewellery if your hand is swolle Conspicuous hand veins are actually normal veins - in most cases, at least. Their function is simply to carry blood back from the hands to the heart. Large bulging veins on the backs of our hands occur because our skin relaxes and thins. There are a few reasons why hand skin loses elasticity, but age is the most common one Although often not harmful, fingers and toes can turn white, blue or red and suffer from numbness, tingling and pain. In more serious cases, blue fingertips can be a sign of low oxygen levels. The palm of my hands and fingers turn red,blue and purple.the veins in my palms look very red on different places on my hands.I have also noticed this on my toes and the bottom of my... View answe Chronic alcoholic liver disease may lead to reddening of palmar skin. This is also thought to be due to oestrogen, as it sometimes observed during normal pregnancy. Caput medusa. High pressure within the venous system in the liver leads to high pressure in the venous system elsewhere in the body including the veins around the umbilicus (belly.

Hand Exercises to Relieve the Hand Veins. In addition to the above treatments for bulging veins in hands, hand exercises can help as well. They will pump the muscles and the veins, encouraging blood flow and draining accumulated blood. Stretching fingers and wrists in particular can improve circulation and reduce stiffness Swelling or puffiness of the hands Swelling is another typical early symptom of scleroderma, and this may be especially noticeable upon waking up in the morning due to muscle inactivity at night. The skin of the fingers may look full and sausage-like, making it difficult to close the hand into a fist. Exercising the fingers and toes can help And as a result, you could easily see the blue veins just under the surface of their untanned skin. On the other hand, the peasants would've had darker, tanned skin and it was harder to see the. Three times now I've had sharp needle like pain in a finger, not same one ea time, followed by clearly visible vein in that finger remaining very close to surface of skin. And it stays that way, ugly veins on palm side of fingers. Really odd. Have osteoarthritis, have moderate carpal tunnel, have pinched nerve in neck; but haven't been to Dr. about this finger pain since it seems so insignificant

Raynaud Disease - What You Need to Kno

Varicose Veins on the Hands Treatment by Hand All our staff are highly qualified and have a particular interest in varicose veins and the Vein Institute of the Desert is located in Palm Desert, CA and provides Varicose Vein Treatment both for medical necessity and for cosmetic medical and Hand Veins im 18 years old, and earlier today I notised my hands seemed lighter in color and blue veins showing all over my palms, fingers, and wrist. If I rub or slide my other hand/fingers against the veins they'll dissappear for a moment then come back, this has happened before but today showed up more than usual

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The skin on the fingers starts to dry and peel as a result of the effect of diabetes. If you suspect that you are not getting this as a result of swimming or staying in water, or simply dehydration, it is advised that you see a doctor for treatment that will help you get rid of wrinkled fingertips Hello, Have the same problem on the same finger but cannot see any veins. The pain appeared three days ago without any action to cause it. It is slightly better today but the painful joint of the knuckle on the left hand middle finger is very slightly swollen at the sides and very tender Since then I have lived in different climates, including 12 years where it snowed each winter with no symptoms that I was aware of. Last week I was on the computer reading mostly and noticed my hands were bright shiny red with the veins on the backs protruding and bright blue, the colours were quite shocking, then parts went white

Blue Hands and Fingers Causes and Symptoms Healthhype

I have red palms and blue veins on my palms. Is it because of any deficiency? I have grade 1 fatty liver disease and upper right abdomen discomfort, sometimes pain in the back also. All blood tests are normal except for ast 36 and alt 49. I am constantly worried its my liver problem. They are red especially when I keep them down The most common tumor in the hand and wrist is a ganglion cyst. These are benign sacs of gelatinous fluid that form off of a joint or tendon sheath. They are seen frequently in the wrist but can also occur around finger joints What is blue skin? Blue skin often means there's an issue with the flow of your blood or oxygen supply. The most common cause is a bruise. When tiny blood vessels are injured, blood collects beneath the skin, causing the blue color. Or you may get blue hands after spending time outside in cold weather I noticed the veins in my hands were very visible. Is this a sign? I've never noticed this happening before, so it's very strange. Premium Active discussions Register or sign in Blue Veins in Palms Sign of Pregnancy? (Picture Attached) (5 Posts) Add message | Report. cateydeanna Wed 24-Jan-18 15:26:29

What causes the veins in both palms to turn blue? - Heart

If you are injecting the tiny blue veins in your fingers and palms, you have to inject very slowly. Generally these are the hardest to hit and adjust to using, so save them for when you have some experience. These blow up very easily. Injection speed should almost be .10 CC every 2-3 seconds. Also these are best hit using 31 gauge needles Other possible causes include syphilis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and hand, foot and mouth disease. Allergic reactions, as well as certain illnesses, can cause the skin on the palms of your hand to turn blotchy. Fungal infections, such as ringworm, may affect various areas of your body, including the palms of your hands What the Palm of Your Hand Shows Regarding Your Health. Kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, liver disease, poor circulation, thyroid problems, and even eating too many carrots or beets can affect palms from color to texture and size.Some of these health issues can be detected by learning what your hand says about your health, from fingers to nails and palms it's important to be. An off-and-on blue cast to the hands and feet, with pink skin elsewhere, is not a sign of a problem, but rather just a little bit of immaturity of the circulatory system, which will go away over.. Deep cuts on the palm side of the wrist, hand, or fingers can cause tendon flexor injuries. With partial cuts, fingers may still bend, but the motion will be painful and the tendon may eventually rupture. When both tendons are cut completely through, the finger joints cannot bend on their own at all

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Hives on hands are curable 95% of the time with the right hives treatment. What Causes Hives On Hands? Hives on hands can be caused by certain fabrics, hand lotions, soaps, shampoos, detergents, sunlight (see sun hives), insect stings or bites, cold or hot temperatures, and handling or eating certain foods (such as egg whites for my toddler. Acrocyanosis is persistent blue or cyanotic discoloration of the extremities, most commonly occurring in the hands, although it also occurs in the feet and distal parts of face. Although described over 100 years ago and not uncommon in practice, the nature of this phenomenon is still uncertain. [citation needed] The very term acrocyanosis is often applied inappropriately in cases when blue. When the blood vessel bursts, blood flows out from the vein into the skin underneath the hand. Eventually the blood solidifies, forming a clot under the skin. This clot stops further blood from flowing into the space and may cause the swelling that you noticed

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One cause of painful veins in the hands is Buerger's disease, which typically affects small- and medium-sized arteries and veins, states WebMD. Blocked arm and leg arteries reduce blood flow to the fingers and hands, causing pain even when resting. As of 2015, doctors don't know what causes the blockage Vein color is determined in large part by the color of venous blood, which is usually dark red (and not blue as is commonly believed) as a result of its low oxygen content Simply because you have one or two small lumps on the palms of the hand does not mean you have Dupuytren contracture, but it is fairly likely since it is one of the most common reasons for that type of finding to occur

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You can see the veins in my hands and arms become 4 times larger than usual when there is a flare-up and it has been constant for a few days. My hands turn first blood red, then the palms and fingers turn blue with the lines in my hands and fingers remaining bright red. It is quite colorful, but very painful. Jonathan on August 29, 2013 A lump in the palm of hand near ring finger may be caused by a few different conditions and is usually associated with trouble holding onto things or closing the hand. This article will outline a few of the more common causes, other symptoms to look for, and when to be concerned When you're warm your blood vessels dilate (get bigger). This means you tend to go pinker and your veins become more noticeable. Veins are supposed to be blue. The body responds in this way because.. If there are three blue veins stretching here from the wrist, you may also suffer from the diseases mentioned above. Mount of Luna Located at Qian (below the Mount of Outer Mars and on the base of the palm) and belonging to the Metal element, the Mount of Luna suggests respiratory, renal, bladder and gynecological diseases and it corresponds to.

5 Hand clues for Anemia (= lack of healthy red blood cells

Blue veins or blue colour in palms 29 Views I am getting blue line on hand What is the problem Need urgent solution Only on right hand side Pls sugge. Spot or moles on lines in palm. For an accurate reading of spots and moles divide your palm in half vertically with an imaginary line from the middle of your middle finger to the bracelet. Moles found on the middle of the palm on the right hand side of the line are auspicious. It is an indication of happy married life and good relatives Varicose veins: it is the swelling of veins which mainly affects the veins of the legs, but sometimes it can also affect the hands. The blood remains stagnated due to faulty valves inside the veins. This causes swelling of veins

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The hands/fingers also swell off and on and the skin is thickening. My rheumatologist showed me where he's seeing the early changes. He didn't see it in July 2015, but saw changes in January 2016. My hands swell and fingers develop a slight curve intermittently, as well. Has me coming back end of the month to re-examine You may notice your veins on the inner area of your arms, hands, and legs. When you work out, they may become more visible, particularly over the muscles that you have worked hard. In fact, your personal trainer or a bodybuilder may have told you that increased vascularity or visible veins mean that your body is healthy Dupuytren's (due-per-trens) contracture can cause the fingers to bend in towards the palm of the hand. It's caused by tissues in the palms of the hands gradually thickening, which then pulls the fingers towards the palm. This condition is often mild and might not need specific treatment. It's more common in men in their middle age When this happens, the person may feel painful veins in hands. Symptoms of Varicose Veins. There are a number of causes for these painful veins in hands, but the symptoms are more important for you to find out quickly if you have varicose veins and eventually be able to do what you can to treat it

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Question: swollen vein in palm of hand swtnsassy - Mon Jan 09, 2006 10:37 pm: Share | I am a 37 year old female with no known health problems other than having high unexplained white blood cell counts at times. Over the last two months or so on three different occassions, I have had veins swell up in the palm of my hands and bulge. It doesn't. Big, blue, bulging veins — called varicose veins — can appear on your legs, too. If an area of your skin looks darker or hardened, blood may be pooling there. Treatment options Sometimes, you might notice that the veins in your hands look like they are bulging. You may feel uncomfortable or even want to cover up your hands with gloves. Some people think that bulging hand veins only happen as individuals get older. In reality, there are a number of common reasons why you might have this happen Bluish or purple veins often start to appear in the first trimester by about week 10, which is when your body has started producing more blood to support you and your growing baby. Your veins enlarge to accommodate the higher blood volume, and they'll likely continue to become more visible throughout pregnancy

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Swan-neck deformity - The base of the finger and the outermost joint bend but the middle joint straightens; Boutonniere (buttonhole) deformity - The middle finger joint bends toward the palm while the outer finger joint bends the opposite way; Ulnar drift - The fingers lean away from the thumb and toward the pinky finger If the fingers turn darker in color than the palm, or show purple, it may be a sign of serious pathogenic cold. This slows blood circulation and makes the blood thicker. Blue veins also signify the internal energy. Generally, the fewer blue veins that are visible at the palms and fingers, the better the health It turns out, like faces and fingerprints, everyone's got a unique set of hand veins, so once registered, you can just however your hot blue blood tubes over the handset to quickly unlock in a few.. A lump in the palm of the hand can be an extremely uncomfortable condition for any person to deal with. These lumps can be painful to the touch, interfere with grasping or holding activities, and even decrease range of motion in certain fingers

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